NACWIB provides training, networking and resources to support the Woman of Integrity to gain prosperity and success in the marketplace.

Members come from all over the world, representing diverse backgrounds and levels of business interests. The common thread among members is the desire to develop more potential to operate a business that has an impact in the world. For inspiration and mentoring, the programs and services are framed on the stories of Bible women who excelled in grace and wisdom to gain personal, financial, and spiritual success.

As a member, you will get a broader perspective of entrepreneurship, better understand the uses of technology and the Internet, expand the vision of your possibilities, and pursue higher financial goals. NACWIB members receive solid, practical tools to... [Continue Reading]

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Join The Lydia Circle

As a Member of The Lydia Circle, the powerful mentoring and business coaching program of the National Association of Christian Women in Business (NACWIB) you will...

  • Gain a clearer vision of your business to be more consistently successful in each step you take
  • Strengthen your spiritual core and Bible knowledge as a dynamic woman of faith in the world
  • Understand how what you do in the marketplace fits into your life purpose
and learn how to influence the world as a strong, God centered business woman with focus, meaning, joy and purpose.[Continue Reading]