Cosmetics Database

Are you adding toxins to your face through your make up and skin care products? If that question doesn’t scare you, it should.  A woman inquiring about the Women’s Conference from the Los Angeles area referred me to a website that every woman should know about called Cosmetics Database .

It’s a wonder we all haven’t heard about this before since the site has over 160 million visits! Maybe you already knew about this.  Did you?

You can put in the brand of any product you use including make-up and get a read on the toxins levels in the product.  I guarantee you’ll be in for a surprise at what you’re putting on your face and rubbing on your body.

It’s even worse when you see what you might  be putting on the body of your children and other family members.   This entrepreneur is using products that are totally natural.  This is something more women are becoming aware of and interested in . 

Meanwhile go check out Cosmetics Database

Women in Business – Facts

The Center For Women’s Business and Research says that there are over 10 million businesses owned by women in the US that generate sales of $2.32 trillion.

* Women now account for 55-60% of new startups.

* The number of women-owned companies has doubled in the last 25 years.

* According to the Labor Department, baby boomers and older make up 54% of the self-employed

Is your business counted in these numbers?

Conference Planning

Greetings to all,

I decided it was time to start a blog about the Central Coast Women’s Conference.  Besides, we can keep it up after the conference to share information on business and to support each other as we go into the new year. 

If you haven’t signed up, do it soon.  We’re almost out of Vendor Spaces.  In fact, tomorrow, I’m going to see exactly how many Spaces are left. So if you want a Vendor Space try to register as soon as possible.

It’s fabulous that women are coming from as far away as Los Angeles.  I know this is going to be a great event.