Day 3 Coffee Detox Evening

Time for sleep. I took a nap earlier; the leg cramps became too much. I’m trained as a massage therapit so I gave myself some great leg massage that helped somewhat, took a hot shower and now I’m ready to get into a comfortable bed.

I was thinking about this detox. A reason I must do this is because I’m determined to get serious about being a Health and Wellness Coach. It’s been something I’ve desired to do for years, since retruning from the Peace Corps. Natural health has always been my belief. But for integrity sake, I have to live my talk.

This experience is making me think. What’s interesting is that our bodies are totally ours to control (except in unusual situations of course). Isn’t it a wonder that the first thing most people do when they are stressed is start to do what is harmful to their own body?

I started drinking loads of coffee during times of great stress. Even when the situation started to tune down, the coffee drinking increased; up to eight cups a day.

Probably most addictions start this way; a little bit of dabbling in what brings an artifical relief that really shouldn’t be a bad thing. Coffee is a worldwide drink. I enjoyed great coffee in Africa, Mexico, Spain and in all States of the US. It’s great to bring people together. But with everything, you can go overboard.

Too much of a good thing soon turns to a bad addiction. Now I need to get control of my life again. How many thousands of professional people are in the same position but haven’t taken the steps to control their health? All the money in the world can’t make you healty if you don’t take control of it yourself.

All the money in the world can’t take away the pain of the withdrawals. It’s a strong reminder to me that the most important thing is to live longer, healthier.

Going to bed – hope to have a better day tomorrow.

Day 3 – Coffee Detox

It’s Wednesday and Day 3 of my raw foods cleanse and coffee detox. I guess you could really count it as day 4 if Sunday night counts. I won’t rush it.

I’m still feeling the effects of the detox. The headache has gone but I’m feeling wasted. However, I did get a burst of energy this morning and took advantage of that to get in about 20 minutes of exercise. It felt good to stretch and get the heart pumping a bit.

Today, I’m still having leg cramps. It feels like something is crawling up and down my muscles. I wish I could just go get a great massage and feel relief. It’s been difficult to sit at the computer to get my work done but at least I can see today. I’m feeling restless. I’m up and down, going to this room to that one. I think it’s the body pain. I react to body pain with movement and restlessness.

I’m going to fix my husband some flank steak, rice and salad for dinner. That won’t be tempting to me because I’m not that into steak. I’m ready for the big raw veggie salad though. In fact, I just went to the store to get some more fruits and veggies. I’ve been having a green smoothie in the morning and eating raw all week. I think I’m starting to lose weight.

I think of it as letting go of toxins that want to kill me. It’s like a fight. The bad stuff wants to stay on the body and you’re fighting to make it leave. It takes will power to keep going. The toxins know this so they torture you to stay put. I’m going to win this battle.

I’ll let you know how the day ends.

Day 2 – Coffee Detox

Yesterday, Tuesday, was Day 2 of my cleanse and coffee detox. I thought I was dying. The headache I had kept me from looking at my computer screen, so I couldn’t even blog about the experience. I actually didn’t realize what was going on at first.

I thought something was wrong with me.

I had chills, my nose was running, I was achy all over. I could think of many things this could be attributed too. Such as the long walks I’d taken with my son in San Francisco over the weekend while playing tourist. Maybe I’d caught a cold or something, but it wasn’t that type of sick. The chills were different. I was sweating and a bit dizzy.

I guess something WAS wrong with me. My body was throwing off toxins in my body from the overload of caffeine. I started reading online how caffeine is a drug. I knew this but the actuality of it didn’t hit until I had this experience. It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Ray” with Jaime Fox when Ray Charles goes through drug rehab. I felt like a junky getting off drugs.

It hit me that I was having withdrawal symptoms; I just never thought they would be so bad. By late afternoon, I was wiped out and had to take a nap. Mostly , I needed to close my eyes because of the headache. The aches in my body were really bad. I couldn’t stand it after a while and took an aspirin. That helped. After having a raw vegetable salad and some fruit I decided to just go to bed early. I couldn’t sleep becuase of the body pains. I felt like a wimp but I took an Aleve. It probably has caffeine but I don’t know; I just wanted to get rid of some of the pain and go to sleep.

First Day of Detox

I started my coffee detox when I started my cleanse on Sunday evening. After dinner on Sunday around 7:00 p.m., I didn’t eat again until Monday evening around 7:00 pm. During that time I only drank filtered water. I’ve done a fast for several days before but I admit, I always had a bit of coffee with it.

This time, a part of the cleanse is to clear out my system of toxins so that means getting out of the coffee habit. Whether I’ll drink any after this is questionable but I’ll deal with that later.

By Monday evening, I was feeling tired and dragged out, but I attributed it mostly to not eating all day. I was starting to get a headache and feeling disoriented. All I could think about starting around 5:00 p.m. was taking a shower and getting into the bed. But I was able to eat something at 7:00 so I was also looking forward to that.

I had half a watermelon and a half of a banana after the initial fasting session. It never tasted so good. When you’re really hungry, food taste better. When you get full, it starts to lose its taste. I was really hungry because the taste of the fruit never went away. In fact, I thought I’d eaten too much because I started to feel a headache. So I drank loads of water and tried to get to sleep.

That was Day 1 of getting off coffee. I hadn’t started to miss is yet since I was so focused on just not eating anything.

Caffeine Withdrawal

Sunday evening I started a cleanse. While I don’t have to starve myself this week, I’m only eating raw fruits and vegetables. Additionally, I only drink pure water with lemon at the most. That means no coffee.

For some that’s not a big deal. For me, it’s really serious. Coffee is precious to me. I’m the type that makes it first thing in the morning like it was a companion or something. My coffee intake was up to 8 cups a day. It’s not that difficult to reach that level without knowing. Everything related to food in America is super-sized, including the cups we use to drink coffee. So swigging two of the large ones already gives me four cups. Then by afternoon, I’m ready for more. Without realizing it, I consume more coffee in a day than some people do in a week.

Going cold turkey is the only way I know to stop this habit. If you ever wondered if this was a form of detox I can vouch that it is. I have been having the worse withdrawal symptoms ever. In fact, I had to do some research online to be sure I was experiencing something normal in a detox situation because I’ve never been through this before.

I thought it might be helpful for you to know what it’s like to withdraw from coffee addiction. The reason being that I hope you also take the step if you’re as addicted as I am. In order to really experience a new start with my health, I have to go all the way to getting better. That starts with letting go of what’s been holding me back and coffee consumption is a start. I’ll chronicle the next few days and leave a trail of information for you to access when you decide to make the coffee withdrawal.