Marketing Offline to Grow Business Online

Marketing your business is key to growing your busines.  You can use marketing tactics either on the web (online) or off the web (offline) to grow the business.

Business owners that work primarily online tend to stick to online marketing tactics.  However, there is a lot to be gained by implementing a few offline marketing tactics, too. Combined, they can add a powerful punch to your traffic and profits.

Here are seven offline marketing strategies to consider in order to grow your online business.

1. Networking groups – Offline there are a number of industry organizations you can benefit from. Many national industry organizations have smaller chapters across the country. Even sites like Twitter have generated local “Twitter” groups where people get together to network and socialize. Check out what your area offers in terms of organizations and associations.

2. Business associations – Anything from the small business association to your local chamber of commerce can offer networking benefits. You may find your next business partner, a new client or even a new contractor.

3. Advertising and other promos – You probably already have business cards, right? There are other promotional items you can purchase to market your business offline. For example, you could give away magnets or pens at a local business fair or conference. And you just have to love those car magnets and lettering advertising websites while in traffic.

4. Charity events
– Charity events offer you opportunities to promote your business while helping others. You can donate your time, expertise or your money. Partner with a charity that compliments your industry.

For example, if you have a parenting website perhaps you’d partner with a local Toys for Tots program or a parenting education non-profit.

5. Publicity. Connect with offline media through Press releases as a start to gain attention from your local media. Write letters to the editor or submit articles to your local paper. Contact your local radio station or television station and pitch a spot. Make sure to offer a benefit to their viewers or listeners. Remember, they want to know what’s in it for them. How will it help them gain viewers?

6. Coupons and mailers
– Direct mail has always been a staple of offline marketing tactics. It works quite well when approached strategically. Just like an online sales page, you need an attention-grabbing headline and a fantastic call to action. You don’t have to send ten-page letters either. You can send a coupon, a flyer or a postcard. Just make sure that the information on the mailer benefits the recipient.

7. Workshops and seminars – You can host a workshop or seminar in your community. For example, if you have a parenting website, you could hold a workshop on parenting teens. Offer it for free or donate the course fees to a local charity and have your event do double duty.

These ideas only touch  the surface of the many offline marketing opportunities available.  Take a look at your community and your audience.

  • How can you best reach them?
  • How can you add value and get their attention?

Create a strategy, integrate it into your online marketing strategy and watch your business grow.

Get a Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

Getting a positive return on your investment (ROI) in all business activities is what a smart professional does.  Any growth seeking business owner wants a strong return on investment or ROI.

This means that the more you can get for your time, energy, money and efforts, the better off you are.  With that in mind, here are a few key ways to increase your ROI.

#1 Learn to Leverage:

Leverage means using a tool to gain an advantage. As a business owner you have several tools at your disposal which you can leverage into more. You can leverage:

  • Specific business knowledge or experience
  • Business relationships and partnerships
  • Current customer communications
  • Experiences and skills
  • Networking Resources
  • Marketing tactics
  • Policies and procedures

For example, if you have an association with a web designer and you’re a writer, you can leverage your relationship and provide more services to your clients by building partnerships with this other professional.

You can leverage your partnership, cross promote and even design a referral reward system. There are many opportunities to leverage your current business relationships and partnerships.

#2 Customer Communications

An example of leveraging your current customer communications is by using your site newsletter (ezine) to gain new customers. For example, you could host a sweepstakes and  announce it in the newsletter.

For example, tell subscribers who forward a copy of the newsletter to five friends that they get an entry into the sweepstakes. This motivates current subscribers to spread the word about your business.

#3 Data

Your current data and analytics are marvelous tools for increasing your return on investment. You can use this information to dig deep into your business operations and determine what strategies are working and which ones are not. You can then use the information to fine tune and optimize the strategies that are working while letting go of those that are not income generating.

For example, if you’re spending a lot of money and energy on a pay-per-click (PPC) program, you can use your data to eliminate the ads that aren’t performing up to your standards. You can then use the data to create PPC ads that have a higher click-through and conversion rate.

#4 Current Assets

All of your products or service portfolio that includes published content are a part of your assets. Your skills and knowledge may also be considered assets. You can use these to increase your return on investment.

For example, let’s say you paid a ghostwriter $1000 to write a 50-page report that you are giving away to boost your opt-in list subscribers. If you just stop there, you’ve not maximized your ROI. However, if you use that same report to create blog posts, articles, email messages, online courses and even Tweets for Twitter, then you’re truly maximizing your assets. You’re getting a ten-fold return on your investment.

Now the question is what can you leverage?

  • What assets do you currently possess that can be utilized?
  • What data are you collecting and are you using it to the best of your ability?

There are opportunities all around you. Take a look, create a plan and take action!

The Many Health Benefits of a Swedish Massage

Massages are good for everyone. If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out on a great health benefit. Men and women alike can enjoy and reap the benefits in the body that come from a proper massage. One of the best massage techniques to start off with is the Swedish massage which is considered one of the basic and more tame massages.

In Swedish Massage, the muscles are gently stroked using various techniques like cupping, side chops and fingertip pressure. For the first massage, it is considered a good choice unless you have a real problem with knotted muscles.

Here is how it works. You will be asked to strip naked or down to your underwear and wrap up in a towel.  You are then fully covered with the sheet and only the parts of your body that are being massaged should ever be uncovered.  The massage takes place on a massage table lying on your stomach with your head in an open-cushioned frame to avoid pressure on your eyes and cheeks.

The massage therapist will uncover each part of your body one at a time to perform the massage.  You don’t have to worry about ever having your entire body uncovered.

The point of the massage is to relieve tension in the body. For some reason,  a lot of tension is carried in the neck and shoulders. Your massage therapist may start there and work her way down the body. It is important to relax while the massage is going on so that you can get maximum benefit.

If at any time something hurts or bothers you, let your massage therapist know immediately.  She or he can adjust the pressure they are using as they are kneading your muscles to avoid pain issues. Sometimes, they will have to go a bit more firm when the knot will not work itself out.

Massage oils or aromatherapy oils can be used to enhance the outcome of your massage. For instance, using a lavender essential oil can help you to sleep better and enjoy an overall positive wellbeing of your mind and body.

One benefit of the Swedish massage is tissue detoxification.  A lot of toxins are carried in the body just from the environment, the foods we eat and whatever else we ingest. Caffeine, for instance, speeds up the heart rate, acting as a stimulant to the body.

Through smooth strokes up and down, the toxins can be released from the muscles and cleared from the body through excretion.  After a massage such as this, drinking plenty of water will rehydrate your body.

Some of the health benefits of Swedish massage include:

  • Reduced tension in your life
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain management for nerve disorders like sciatica
  • Relief from cramps and spasms

There are many benefits to getting a massage. With a Swedish massage you get them all, plus the gentle stroking and kneading of the muscles to get them working in proper order again. There is also a reduction in many aches and pains, including arthritis.

The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a part of the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda means “knowledge of life.” It is used to help the body to heal itself.

Indian head massage techniques have existed in India for thousands of years. It is an art that is taught in childhood and passed on through the generations. The art has come to the Western world and has been making a significant change in the lives of many.

Through the manipulation of the head, neck and shoulders, the rest of the body can be affected. A take-off of this type of massage has always been performed between mother and child. The act of massaging the head increases the blood flow to the scalp and also to the brain. More oxygen means increased clarity and focus. It also means that hair follicles are incredibly nourished, resulting in longer and stronger hair which Indian women have cherished for centuries.

The particular type of Indian head massage performed in the West is called champissage and was brought here by its founder Narendra Mehta. People have found great relief from chronic ailments that were once only treated with medicine or just left untreated to run their course.

Ayurvedic medicine deals with the entire entity of a person and not just the ailment that they have at the time. As an “energy” being, life flows through the body through its chakras promoting health. When that flow is blocked at any point, there is a physiological change in the body that results in illness like headaches, backache, sinus trouble and all manner of other things. Keeping that energy flowing is the first issue to deal with.

As a physical being, the tissues of the body can be manipulated to unblock this energy flow throughout the body. Through gentle techniques that involve fingertip massage and others, the body begins to recover so it can begin the healing process.

The Art of Indian Head Massage

The head is often neglected in massage. The pressure focuses on the back, the legs arms and shoulders but the head is left out. Here, the head (along with the neck and shoulders) is the principal player. From here, balance can be achieved in the rest of the body and you can feel like you’ve had a full body workout.

The benefits of this massage include:

  • Greater focus
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Stronger hair
  • Increased immunity
  • Relief from migraines, neck injury and stress

It takes about an hour to complete this massage. Aromatherapy oils (like lavender, mint and chamomile) may also be used to aid in treatment. Be careful though, since concentrated oils can seep into the scalp faster and cause some problems.

This massage doesn’t require getting undressed and offers many benefits. Look around your area to see if you can make an appointment for an Indian head massage.

Steps to Improve Your Focus

If you work from home, one of the most difficult challenges you face time and time again is getting and staying focused.  Somehow, this becomes an even bigger problem when you have to reach deadlines or want to create new products or services. When big project is due, a product launch is pending, or your website updates are in the midst of completion focusing can be particularly difficult.

Here are a few tips and secrets to improve your focus and stop distractions.

#1 Work when it makes sense to work. Trying to force productivity in the middle of family chaos just doesn’t make sense. Children banging on your office door, pets needing to be fed and walked and a spouse who is wondering where the car keys are don’t help you accomplish a thing.

Find your quiet time.  Those quiet moments alone are the best times to be productive. Capture these moments or create them. Get up an hour earlier in the morning or stay up late if it makes sense.

#2 Prioritize. Sometimes we’re focusing on the wrong things. Answering emails during your productive time isn’t a good use of time. Writing blog posts or articles during that quiet time makes more sense. Create a list of priorities and focus on them during your quiet work times.

#3 Use a timer. It might sound silly but timers really make you focus on what you’re doing. All of the distractions take a back seat to your task at hand. Set the timer, a kitchen timer will do, to the amount of time it should take you to complete the task. Now, get to work. Knowing the clock is ticking forces you to pay attention to what you’re doing.

You can also use the timer for more creative ventures like brainstorming and planning. Simply set the timer for the amount of time you have to devote to the task. When the timer rings, stop what you’re doing and move onto the next task on your list.

#4 White noise. Some people find great success by creating some sort of background or white noise to work by. Music is a common tool to use.  Don’t listen to music that makes you want to get up and dance but rather find soothing music that seems to “sit” in the background. Instrumental music is often a good choice. Classical, jazz and even alternative music or soundscapes can work quite well.

#5 Set goals. This is similar to the timer method because it uses a quantifiable measurement to help you stay on track. For example, if you have a few hours in the morning and you have a report to write, your goal might be to finish and deliver the report before you take your lunch. If nothing else, hunger will motivate you to focus on finishing the report quickly.

Determine what your biggest challenges and obstacles are.

  • What’s preventing you from focusing?
  • What distractions commonly interrupt you?

Once you know what you’re facing, you can adopt the best method for overcoming them.  When you’re able to focus and eliminate distractions, you’ll get much more done. This leaves free time in your calendar for fun, family and perhaps even more work. To your success!