Get More Clients FAST with Smart Marketing

More clients means more money, right? It also means more awareness and rapid company growth. However, it can be a challenge to ramp up your client list quickly. It takes a solid strategy and a proven plan.

Here are five smart strategies to get more clients fast.

#1 Partners! Partnerships can help you double your list overnight. Multiply your list and you multiply the number of opportunities you have to turn prospects into customers. And there are a number of ways you can make a partnership work for you.

For example, you could promote a partner’s e-book or product on your website in exchange for them promoting your e-book, product or service on theirs. You could swap reviews or even exchange advertisements.

However, one of the best ways to optimize a partnership is to cross-promote each other’s opt-in list and free giveaway. Then, when people sign up, you have permission to communicate and market to them. Have a product promotion ready to go and really capitalize on your new subscribers.

#2 Offer a referral reward for new clients.

Get out your list of clients and prospects and offer an great reward for referrals. Put your current customers to work for you. It’s sort of like an affiliate system but it’s a one-time thing. Less work for you. You could give a free entry to your next coaching program, a set of CD’s your’ve produced or a coaching session.

#3 Stir up some Excitement.

Sometimes all it takes to build your client list is a little excitement. Stirring up excitement with humor, a great video or article is always successful. Or if humor isn’t your thing, what about controversy? You can boost your awareness and your customer list virtually overnight with the right amount of thoughtful controversy.

#4 Offer a “never been seen before” promotion.

People love to get things for free. Next to that, they love a great deal. Release your best product or service at an unheard-of price and market it with gusto. Really make a splash.  Think up other ways to create excitement with what you do that’s rarely or never seen on the web. ‘

#5 Expert status.

Start making a list of the known experts in your industry and think about how can you work with them. Then use this to promote your site and products.

  • Do these expert have an information product you can buy the rights to?
  • Do they have partnership opportunities?
  • Can you interview them and distribute the recording on your website or blog?
  • Can you write a guest blog post or article for their site?

Partnering with experts expands your reach more than you can imagine. Simply standing next to an industry expert boosts your credibility, reach and awareness. Study industry experts and determine how you can provide value to them. Be ready with a spectacular promotion to take advantage of all of your new website visitors.

Regardless of why you want to get new clients fast, having a plan in place and approaching it strategically makes a difference. Explore your resources. Look to partners, industry experts and your own product or service portfolio for ideas. You have it in you to reach your goals. Take the steps to make it happen.

How to Avoid Athlete’s Foot

Have you ever experience a burning sensation between your toes? It could be athlete’s foot. There is a way to treat it and better yet, you can prevent it from ever happening again.

First of all, what is athlete’s foot?  It is called “tinea pedis.” It occurs when fungi begin to grow and affect the area between your toes. Like other bacteria, fungi likes warm, moist places.

Fungi is not easy to get rid of. Once you have an infection, it will take the use of an antifungal agent to get rid of it.  Topical creams like Lotrimin usually do the trick. Follow package instructions for how often to treat each day and the length of treatment.  But know that just because the itching and redness disappears, it may not be the end of the infection. Following the entire treatment regimen is the only way to make sure that the infection is gone.

Some doctors also prescribe antifungal pills to combat the infection. As with creams, take all of the pills to end the infection. Stopping too soon can see you re-infected within a few days.

So, how can you avoid this uncomfortable problem in the first place? Here are some pointers.

  • Dry your feet – Even at home, before you put on socks or leave the bathroom, be sure that your feet are dry and that includes between the toes. Any moisture can attract bacteria.
  • Change your socks – The inside of socks can be a sweaty place. After sports or other physical activity, socks can be pretty wet. Don’t walk around in wet socks. Remove them and dry your feet if you aren’t taking a shower right away. Even better, choose socks that are made of material that wicks or pulls moisture away from your feet. Your feet stay drier.
  • Take precautions at the gym – When you shower at the gym, always wear shower shoes. These are simply a pair of flip flops that keep your feet off of the tiled floor. If someone else has athlete’s foot, they can leave it behind in the shower. You don’t want to pick it up off of any surface. After showering, dry your shoes completely before storing them.
  • Dry your feet last – Your towel drags along the ground sometimes as you dry off. To avoid any contact with fungus or bacteria, stand on a towel. Dry the rest of your body and then your feet. This way if you have come in contact with athlete’s foot fungus, you won’t be spreading it to other warm moist areas like around the genitalia (ouch!).
  • Go shoeless – Inside, wear your socks but forget the shoes. If you don’t need to wear them, then don’t. Wearing shoes all the time can heat up the feet, causing them to sweat. Also, try sandals or flip flops indoors without socks to keep feet dry.

Athlete’s foot is no picnic. Avoid getting it the first time with the list of tips above.