Tips on How to Start a Mobile Computer Repair Company

Do you have experience repairing computers? Do you have a knack for computer repair? If so, you can make good money with a mobile computer repair company. Here are five tips to help you start it successfully.

#1 Research your rates

Most mobile repair companies charge by the hour. Before you set your rates, determine what others in your area are charging. Also take a look at how you can specialize or offer unique value and thus charge a higher rate. The national average for computer service is $100 per hour. However, your region may accept higher or lower rates.

#2 Determine your region and customer

How far are you willing to travel to repair a computer? Determine your scope and range and then advertise to your audience specifically. If you charge extra for service trips outside your range, make sure that’s communicated well.

In addition to region, you can target a specific audience. For example, you can target small business owners. Targeting a specific niche or customer will help you become a specialist. It’s easier to market to a targeted audience than to market to everyone.

#3 Market online and off

It’s essential to market your business. Online marketing can include:

* Website
* Social networking
* Article marketing
* Blogging
* Advertising
* Email marketing
* Local search
* Register in business directories

Offline you can:

* Post and/or distribute flyers
* Join your local small business association and/or chamber of commerce
* Yellow and/or white pages
* Local networking events
* Local press
* Host workshops and seminars – train people to use their computer
* Car magnets
* Local coupon books
* Ads in your local paper

It’s important to dedicate yourself to marketing your business. Once you have customers, consider also offering a referral program. Help your customers become an advocate for you. Encourage and motivate them to spread the word about your business.

#4 Stay informed

New technologies are released every day. It’s important to stay on top of technology so you can offer your customer the best service. Subscribe to industry magazines. Know the technology your customers use and can benefit from. And of course be on top of the latest computers so you can fix anything.

#5 Become a consultant

Set yourself apart from your competition by becoming more than a repair person. Be able to provide advice on how your clients can improve their productivity. For example, if you specialize in helping small business owners, then it can pay to know the best small business software and technology. Then you can guide them to buy the best technology for their business. You can even become an affiliate for some of the companies you like to recommend. It’s a great way to add value to your service and money to your bank account.

Nutritional Benefit of Eating Whole Grains

We often debate the nutritional aspect of some foods. Today we are talking about whole grains. Here are some of the nutritional benefits of eating them.

What Are Whole Grains?

You hear in the news about whole wheat, cracked wheat, honey wheat, whole grain wheat and other labels that may have your head spinning. But, what is good for you and what is not?

Whole grains are grains that contain all parts of the seed. Have you ever seen a piece of popcorn before it pops? It is a kernel of corn. There is a hard but thin outer covering. The yellow that you see is the majority of the seed and is underneath this outer covering. At the bottom of the seed is a small portion that is another part entirely.

There are three parts of a seed. The outer covering is the bran. If you know something about bran, then you know that it contains lots of fiber. The bulk of the kernel is the endosperm. It is the part that is often kept after processing. The smaller portion is the germ. New plants spring from this part of the seed.

During processing, the bran and the germ are stripped away leaving the inside endosperm. With a piece of popcorn, this is the part that pops up nice and pretty. While it does have some nutritional value, it doesn’t have the same amount of nutrients that eating the entire seed does.

Whole grains are made of the seeds of various plants. Many seeds can be eaten as is. They can be eaten as cold cereal or sprinkled on top of yogurt or in smoothies. Eating whole grain breads you may encounter seeds inside the bread.

Even with cooking, using the entire seed component provides more nutrients. We are talking about selenium, potassium and magnesium. Potassium is a vital electrolyte for the body. Most people don’t get enough. Others are vital to brain function and cell function.

If you look at refined grains versus whole grains you will find that there is no real difference in the caloric intake. What is different is the amount of fiber. There is more fiber in the whole grains.

Fiber is a helpful aid in the body. Fiber helps remove fat when it moves through the system. It also promotes digestive health and healthy weight loss. Lower blood sugar levels and stable insulin levels are also a benefit of fiber.

You may already eat a lot of carbohydrates. Changing to healthier alternatives can increase weight loss, promote healthy elimination and provide vitamins and minerals for overall bodily function. Change your food staples today.

The Secrets of a Balanced You

It’s easy when you own your own online business to work around the clock. There’s always something to do. It’s exciting, and owning your own business can be all-consuming. However, this kind of work ethic can lead to imbalance. You can wind up sick. You can burn out and lose passion and interest in your business. You can also lose friends and upset family members.

However, perhaps most importantly when you work too hard, you can lose yourself. Here are the secrets of a balanced you.

#1 Make time for something fun and pointless

There’s tremendous joy to be found when you do something just because it’s fun. Not everything has to have an end result or a point. Find something you love to do and do it. For example, if you love to dance then join a weekly dance class. When you get to class, set all of your day’s concerns aside and simply enjoy the act of dancing.

If you love playing football, then join a league and go have fun. If you want to learn about pottery, dog training or martial arts, then join a class and once a week set your work life aside.

#2 Schedule time off

Relaxation is good for the mind, spirit and body. When you work around the clock your physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing can be drastically affected. If you have trouble leaving your business, then schedule time away.

Make it consistent. Take a day a week off or a week a month off. Take a long weekend if you cannot afford to take a week away. And you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy time away from your business. You can set aside that time to pursue a passion, to tend to your home, write, read or to just relax.

#3 Embrace your friends and family

Friends and family can be instrumental in helping you stay balanced. Make time for your friends and family. Long after your business is gone you’ll need these people. Make sure to let them know how important they are to you. Regularly set your business aside and enjoy their company. Go out with friends at least once a month. Spend focused time with your family.

The key to a balanced you is to determine your priorities and then tend to them. If church is a priority to you, then set aside time to go to church. If creative expression is important to you, then make time to learn and practice creative arts. If physical exercise is important to you, then make time to get out and exercise.

Use your resources to help you get and stay balanced. Technology can be a huge help. You can also outsource some time-consuming tasks. Set boundaries and priorities and enjoy your life. The more balanced you are, the happier you’ll be. When you have energy and enthusiasm toward life and toward your business, you can achieve anything.

Natural Cures for Aching Joints and Muscles

Are you experiencing pain in your joints and/or muscles? The cause could be something minor but you don’t want the discomfort. Before reaching for the pills, here are some natural ways to deal with your pain.

Maybe you have just started working out again or have started a new job that is very physical. You may go home with sore, aching muscles. Those muscle aches can also be a result of the effects of aging.

How to Stop Aching Muscles

Ever had a knotted muscle? It can be painful to deal with. Even stretching out that muscle is hard to do. But, here are some ways to get relief fast.

* Cold compress – Applying cold to a muscle numbs and dulls the pain. Nerve endings can’t send messages to the brain. It is a little startling at first but after about twenty minutes your muscle will calm down.

* Hot compress – Now that you have your pain under control, applying heat will unknot the muscle. You can use a heat patch or a hot water bottle if you prefer. During this phase, give your muscle a little kneading. You can work the kink out of your muscles and increase elasticity in the muscle.

* Massage – It may be hard for you to knead your own muscles when they ache. Go to a professional. Let them know where you are carrying your pain and they can recommend the proper massage technique. Sometimes the knot is deep in the muscle and requires special attention to get relief.

How to Stop Aching Joints

Each time you move there is a creaking sound. It is not the door but your joints. Here are some ways to stop the pain without medication.

* Non-weight bearing exercises – For many, there is nothing that can be done medically for them. The reason for the joint pain is weak muscles or ligaments surrounding the joint. One exercise that is good is swimming. The natural resistance of the water can help strengthen weaknesses without adding to your pain. Also, performing flexibility movements that target specific muscles and ligaments can stop the transfer of pain to the joints.

* Increase nutrition – Weaknesses can be due to a lack of nutrients in the diet. Increase levels of antioxidants and protein to nourish muscles and joints. Increasing omega-3 fatty acids can reduce incidents of inflammation in the body. Eating more cold water fish can help.

* Acupuncture – This is an alternative therapy that can release pain in the joints by removing blockages that stop the flow of life-giving energy to the body. The procedure is virtually pain free and new sterile needles are used each time. Some clients feel less joint pain after only a few sessions.

Are you dealing with aching muscles or painful joints? Look for natural remedies to heal your pain.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising on Bing

Most search engines now offer PPC advertising programs. As an entrepreneur, PPC advertising can be an excellent way to grow your business. PPC advertising enables you to create highly targeted ads with a very controlled budget. Additionally, most PPC programs offer a wealth of analytic tools so you can optimize each advertisement you create.

If you’re taking a look at various PPC advertising programs, consider Bing.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising on Bing

You may be hesitant to advertise on Bing because it’s a new search engine, right? Actually, Bing has been around for longer than most other search engines. Bing was formerly MSN. MSN and Yahoo joined forces and the result was Bing. This means when you advertise on Bing you’re tapping into the combined technologies and resources of Yahoo and MSN.

Signing up with Bing advertising is quick and easy. You simply visit and sign up. Signing up is free.

You can import your ads from Google and Yahoo campaigns to Bing via their ad center. This means you don’t have to duplicate your efforts to create your ad campaigns.

Business owners can target specific demographics. You can also focus on geographic areas using Bing’s ad center tools. This means that you can create specific advertisements for extremely targeted groups of people. As you likely know, the more you can target your ad to your specific audience the better your ad’s results.

For example, if you sell fitness information you can target an ad to your specific audiences. One ad can be created to reach singles. One ad can be created to reach your local prospects. Another advertisement can be created to reach post pregnancy women. Each ad can be written for a specific target audience.

Microsoft Ad Center, aka Bing PPC, enables you to reach their 93.6 million monthly users.

Finally, like other PPC campaigns the ad center is easy to use. You can create a budget that fits your needs and control or adjust that budget as your needs change. You also have access to important advertising performance statistics. This information will help you fine-tune your advertisements for optimal results.

When looking to create a PPC ad for your business, consider advertising with Bing. If you’re still unsure which is better for your needs, create a test ad. Place one ad with Google and an identical ad with Bing. Compare results. You may likely find that Bing is the best place for you.