7 Truths About Your Health Responsibility

Reports are flooding the airwaves about the growing obesity problem in the US. I doubt if anyone is not affected by this issue in some way. The difficult thing about obesity related diseases is that the cure requires a lifestyle change. Here are 7 important truths to recognize about living a healthier lifestyle.

Are You Eating to Live?

Have you ever really asked yourself the question, “Do I eat to live or live to eat?” It’s amazing how so many people really live to eat thinking any food is better than no food. But what you put in your mouth today will have an effect on you body for a long time.

Caring About Calories

Leaders, executives, business professionals and everyone else need to be aware of their health. Success is great, money is fabulous, but without your health, none of it matters.

The Power of Rethinking “Failure”

What if you learned that you have the power to decide whether or not something is indeed, a “failure” or not, changing your whole idea about failure? In fact, some highly successful people have already learned to look at the word failure in a very different way than others. Let’s talk about why.