Spirulina and Chlorella – Natural Superfoods

Today, the world is returning to green and natural.  Thsi is not only done to  preserve the environment, but also to preserve basic health. Two substances that have become particularly important are spirulina and chlorella.

They sound like the names of super villains in some Saturday morning cartoon, but actually they are anything but bad. Both of these compounds are algae and they are making people stand up and take notice.

When you mention “Algae” you might not get too excited about using it in any manner.  To the naked eye, this is little more than pond scum. Who wants to eat pond scum? It smells wretched and looks even worse.

Well, you don’t eat it in its natural state. Companies have been working to purify spirulina and chlorella so that they are safe for human use.


This alga has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the blue-green algae. The color reflects the amount of chlorophyll present and this is important as a health supplement. It has no hard cell wall and has a spiral shape under a microscope. The lack of cell wall is good for us and our digestive systems.


This alga is the green type. It is not as old as spirulina but it has many powerful benefits. It grows by photosynthesis just like spirulina, but has a hard cell wall which could technically classify it as a plant instead of simply pond scum.

Both substances are being purified to be used as superfoods. Superfoods are those foods we encounter that can provide all the nutrient needs of the body. These algae contain massive amounts of protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

As a dietary supplement you can purchase them in pill or powder form. It is not concrete, but claims have been made that taking these supplements can help detoxify your body (we all have a body filled with more toxins than we can handle), fight cancer, help with weight loss, improve memory and immunity, and help build bone. Just these things alone can help millions of people on the road to better health.

Should you take them? Well, no one has ever died from eating cleaned-up pond scum. And, if the reports are to be believed you can benefit from having them in your diet. We eat plants of all kinds that provide a wealth of nutrients to the body. Besides that, plants clean the air, giving off life-giving oxygen for us.

When choosing which algae to use or if you use both, find a reputable source for your supplements. Everyone doesn’t use the same purifying process and you don’t want inferior quality. Ask at a health food or whole foods store. Ask a doctor who is versed in herbal medicine to recommend a manufacturer.