What are Empty Calories?

Every food that we eat is filled with calories. It is calories that accumulate and equal weight gain or weight loss. How many of your calories are not doing anything for you? Empty calories are just what they sound like. They give you all of the negatives and none of the positives when you eat [Continue Reading]

Truth or Myth – Does Low Fat Equal Low Calorie?

Maybe you have tried low fat foods or diets and low calorie diets. Which worked for you? What if neither has worked? Here are some facts to dispel any myths pertaining to a correlation between low fat and low calorie. What does low fat mean? Foods that are low in fat have a reduction in [Continue Reading]

Safe Exercise Practices for Seniors

Who says that you are too old to exercise? Exercise has benefits for the body no matter what the age. If you are in your golden years, go for it! However, follow a few guidelines to do it right. There are many myths going around about getting older. One truth is that it is not [Continue Reading]

Protein 101

We hear a lot about fats and carbs but what about protein? Keep reading to get the 101 on protein and how important it is in your body. Next to water, protein is the next most abundant substance in the body. Think of the structure of a house. Before you add the walls, you have [Continue Reading]