Tomorrow Never Comes – Start Living for Today

What are you supposed to be doing with your life? When will you start doing it? Tomorrow never comes; once tomorrow gets here it’s today. Waiting for tomorrow to do what you should have started long ago is only going to keep you from ever succeeding.

Even Youth Need Goals

During a public speaking event at a Junior High School, I asked the students to tell me their goals for the future. God gives us goals and He doesn’t even forget young people when giving them. Starting with goals as a youth is important. If you haven’t set goals in your life it might be difficult for you to do so as an adult. That makes being able to know how to set goals in business and your personal life difficult.

Top Tips to Prevent Knee Pain

Are your knees giving you trouble? There are ways that you can prevent knee pain from becoming a part of your life. Did you know that your knees shoulder three times your weight? With each step the pressure is triple. Over time, this can lead to problems with the cartilage, bursa sacs and bones of [Continue Reading]

Take Charge of Arthritis

Are you dealing with painful joints? You might have arthritis. Here are some ways that you can take charge of your condition. Arthritis is painful. It is a condition that involves inflammation of the joints. This can be from an accident, injury or just plain wear and tear. In any case, it is not just [Continue Reading]