Services to Promote Your Business

You might now have heard of Microservice sites, but these sites make it easy for website owners and web marketers to get design work, video work and other media work done at unprecedentedly low prices.  An example of this type of site is Fiverr, where you can have a logo done for $5, three draft [Continue Reading]

Online Business Networking in 30 Minutes a Day

Online networking for business growth is the thing to do these days. But it can be time consuming. There it is best when you can condense this activity into a small period of time so you don’t get sucked into Facebook, Twitter or other distracting social media sites. Thirty minutes a day is really all you need to do a great job of boosting your network when you know how to do it. Here are a few steps to help you cut down on networking time but still getting a lot done.

Increase Your B2B Social Networking Effectiveness

Do you work with other business owners in your business? Then take time to learn how to be a better B2B networker and make more effective connections with businesses using the power of the internet.

Becoming a Marketing Consultant

Christian business women might want to use a marketing consultant at some point to assist with getting the word out about their business. In fact, some business women will become a marketing consultant as a part of their specialty service area. If that’s your choice, you have many ways to enter into the marketing industry.