Market Your Self-Published Book

Are you putting your words on paper, getting them published and letting the world enjoy them? If not, it might be time for you to consider these ideas on how to market your self published book.

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Writing and publishing a book is a dream of many Christian business women. While getting a contract with a traditional publisher is one way to be a published author, so is self-publishing. Publishing your own book is a very different experience than getting a book deal with a traditional publisher and not something everyone might want to do.

Tips to Write Like a Pro – FAST

Writing content for your website or blog is an important key to promoting your online presence. But does it seem to take forever to write content for your website or blog? Do you struggle to create information products? If so, you can learn a few tricks of the trade from professional writers. #1 Outline your [Continue Reading]

Unique Article Ideas Are All Around You

Great content is the foundation for any successful website or blog. Content marketing is also one of the most effective tactics a business owner can employ. Unfortunately,  it sometimes seems to be very difficult to find something original to write about, particularly on a regular and consistent baiss. Article ideas are actually all around you.  It’s a matter of knowing [Continue Reading]