DASH to Lower Your Blood Pressure

I just heard about a natural way of eating called the DASH eating plan. DASH stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.” This concept lets you develop a healthy on-going diet. I really don’t like formal diets. They don’t fit into a real lifestyle so you feel like you’re failing. Natural eating plans are the way to go.

A healthy diet is one major key to help decrease the risk for disease. Research has shown that eating a healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and that it can also lower your blood pressure.

The DASH eating plan is supported by actual research which was a study that tested the effects that certain food had on blood pressure.

The results were that elevated blood pressure can be reduced when individuals follow an eating plan that puts an importance on

• Fruits
• Vegetables
• low fat dairy foods
• foods low in saturated fat, total fat, and cholesterol.

The particular eating plan known as DASH includes whole grains, poultry, fish, and nuts. The plan has reduced amounts of sugared beverages, sweets, red meats, and also fats.

DASH works because it takes individual steps that can lower blood pressure and combines them into an eating plan. When you make an effort to reduce your sodium intake and follow the DASH eating plan, the result will be a lowered blood pressure.

Individuals who currently have high blood pressure will benefit from following the DASH eating plan. Individuals with even slightly elevated blood pressure are at risk for heart disease associated with high blood pressure.

The plan follows heart healthy guidelines and limits saturated fat and cholesterol and follows nutrient recommendations from the Institute of Medicine.