Day 3 Coffee Detox Evening

Time for sleep. I took a nap earlier; the leg cramps became too much. I’m trained as a massage therapit so I gave myself some great leg massage that helped somewhat, took a hot shower and now I’m ready to get into a comfortable bed.

I was thinking about this detox. A reason I must do this is because I’m determined to get serious about being a Health and Wellness Coach. It’s been something I’ve desired to do for years, since retruning from the Peace Corps. Natural health has always been my belief. But for integrity sake, I have to live my talk.

This experience is making me think. What’s interesting is that our bodies are totally ours to control (except in unusual situations of course). Isn’t it a wonder that the first thing most people do when they are stressed is start to do what is harmful to their own body?

I started drinking loads of coffee during times of great stress. Even when the situation started to tune down, the coffee drinking increased; up to eight cups a day.

Probably most addictions start this way; a little bit of dabbling in what brings an artifical relief that really shouldn’t be a bad thing. Coffee is a worldwide drink. I enjoyed great coffee in Africa, Mexico, Spain and in all States of the US. It’s great to bring people together. But with everything, you can go overboard.

Too much of a good thing soon turns to a bad addiction. Now I need to get control of my life again. How many thousands of professional people are in the same position but haven’t taken the steps to control their health? All the money in the world can’t make you healty if you don’t take control of it yourself.

All the money in the world can’t take away the pain of the withdrawals. It’s a strong reminder to me that the most important thing is to live longer, healthier.

Going to bed – hope to have a better day tomorrow.