Day 3 – Coffee Detox

It’s Wednesday and Day 3 of my raw foods cleanse and coffee detox. I guess you could really count it as day 4 if Sunday night counts. I won’t rush it.

I’m still feeling the effects of the detox. The headache has gone but I’m feeling wasted. However, I did get a burst of energy this morning and took advantage of that to get in about 20 minutes of exercise. It felt good to stretch and get the heart pumping a bit.

Today, I’m still having leg cramps. It feels like something is crawling up and down my muscles. I wish I could just go get a great massage and feel relief. It’s been difficult to sit at the computer to get my work done but at least I can see today. I’m feeling restless. I’m up and down, going to this room to that one. I think it’s the body pain. I react to body pain with movement and restlessness.

I’m going to fix my husband some flank steak, rice and salad for dinner. That won’t be tempting to me because I’m not that into steak. I’m ready for the big raw veggie salad though. In fact, I just went to the store to get some more fruits and veggies. I’ve been having a green smoothie in the morning and eating raw all week. I think I’m starting to lose weight.

I think of it as letting go of toxins that want to kill me. It’s like a fight. The bad stuff wants to stay on the body and you’re fighting to make it leave. It takes will power to keep going. The toxins know this so they torture you to stay put. I’m going to win this battle.

I’ll let you know how the day ends.