Determining What Works

A result of doing a cleanse is the ability to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to eating certain foods. I’m still on a natural cleanse with high fiber, but not on the veggie, fruit raw cleanse. Yesterday, I made a Shrimp Scampi. Within a few minutes I felt muscle soreness and a tightening in my throat. I had never felt this before. It showed that shrimp is probablhy a problem.

I’ve never like shell fish too much. What surprises me is that it is possible to be eating foods that cause problems in the body on a regular basis. Because we get accustomed to being a bit under the weather on a regular basis, the feelings of being sick don’t strike us so much. When a food is isolated and results in a reaction, it becomes more apparent.

Today, I had my first meal around 11:00. I ended up at a new restaurant in my city that was rather like a deli. I ordered a Cobb salad, feeling it wouldn’t be too bad. It was my first taste of chicken since coming off the fasts. The salad was alright; I had it with balsamic dressing.

Today, I created another chicken salad. I think habit came in; to make two chicken meals in one day. It’s a habit to think we have to have animal protein at each meal. It is not sitting well on my stomach late at night. In fact, sitting on my stomach is the problem. I really am seeing that focusing on a more vegetable based diet is what is going to work for me.