Eat More Fruits to Lower Weight

Eating fruit is a great way to have a natural “Pick me Up” without eating a lot of refined sugar. Here’s tips for selecting the best fruits for you.

Even fruit needs moderated portion sizes. Don’t over do eating even the best fruits. One whole fruits is usually equivalent to one serving portion.

Fruits give natural sugars and provide different vitamins according to the fruit.

Some fruits are great at supplying energy and extra fiber. Fiber keeps you “regular” another necessary thing for good health.

For better results balance fruits with grains. For instance, use fruit as a topping for your cereals.

Try to get 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day. Eat whole fruits or juice whole fruits. Beware of sugars in bottled fruit juices; you’ll just end up drinking your calories. You also want to beware of chemicals added to canned and dried fruits.

Here’s a great website with charts that breakdown of vitamins and other nutritiaonl value facts for fruits.