How is NACWIB structured?

NACWIB is a for-profit business. The Mission is to provide business and professional education, support, training, motivation, resources and more for its members. We do not discuss denominations, doctrines or politics.

What is the reason for NACWIB?

NACWIB was originally founded to provide support for the growth of women businesses around the world. It has evolved to include teaching women some of the more complex strategies needed to bring a business to higher levels even in difficult economic times. Topics include generating cash flow, leadership and communication concepts, finding products, pricing strategies and more.

Can a Non-Christian participate in NACWIB Programs and Services?

Of course. We welcome everyone who embraces using high ethical standards in their life and work. We operate in a peaceful, loving environment and retain the right to remove any person from the membership for violating these standards.

How does the membership work?   

Membership in NACWIB is $47 a month or $397 a year. Monthly memberships stay active until canceled. An annual membership pays for the year and can be canceled prior to the start of the next year. Membership include monthly business coaching, a book club, interviews with business leaders, PDF resources, business building concepts, and more. When you register, you receive a “Welcome Email” with the instructions for connecting on the coaching calls. You receive the additional resources through email.

Teleclasses are done by phone. Therefore, you will be provided with a conference call line and phone number for the calls. All you need to participate is a phone to access the bridge line. Regular long-distance charges will apply.

The monthly investment of $47 is automatically charged every 30 days to the credit card you use to register.

How soon should I sign up? Will it go up in price?

You can join NACWIB at any time. While there are no plans to increase the membership investment at this time, there could be a price change in the future.

The information on NACWIB is clear, focused, and reasonably priced.  How did NACWIB come up with these ideas?

The NACWIB founder was a Professor of business at a Christian Higher Education university for many years. She currently teaches masters and doctoral courses at several online universities in addition to her coaching and consulting businesses. After studying multiple models of members programs, she wanted to make NACIWB membership as easy and accessible to as many women as possible, while providing ultimate value. She also took into consideration the need to charge a reasonable investment amount for working women. Therefore, she designed NACWIB to be straightforward and as uncomplicated as possible.

If I change my mind, can I leave the membership?

Please see the information above under “How Does Membership Work.

Who operates NACWIB?

Consuelo Meux, PhD. is the Founder and President of NACWIB.  To learn more about her background click HERE.

I’m Not Accustomed to Making Online Payments.  Are My Payments Safe?  

Absolutely, your payment is secure and safe through NACWIB’s secured online Shopping Cart System. Just click the BUY NOW button on the Join page. From there you’ll be directed to the secured Shopping Cart where your protected payment can be easily and conveniently completed.

How do I sign up?

Go to the JOIN link on the home page or CLICK HERE to register.  You will be taken to the secured shopping cart to register for the monthly or annual investment rate. You will immediately receive a “Welcome Email” with detailed instructions on how to participate in all of the membership activities. If you do not see the email in your regular account, please check your Junk Mail.

What is the Faith Statement of NACWIB?

We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Bible is the true, infallible word of God.

We look forward to having you as a member of this community for women’s fellowship.