First Day of Detox

I started my coffee detox when I started my cleanse on Sunday evening. After dinner on Sunday around 7:00 p.m., I didn’t eat again until Monday evening around 7:00 pm. During that time I only drank filtered water. I’ve done a fast for several days before but I admit, I always had a bit of coffee with it.

This time, a part of the cleanse is to clear out my system of toxins so that means getting out of the coffee habit. Whether I’ll drink any after this is questionable but I’ll deal with that later.

By Monday evening, I was feeling tired and dragged out, but I attributed it mostly to not eating all day. I was starting to get a headache and feeling disoriented. All I could think about starting around 5:00 p.m. was taking a shower and getting into the bed. But I was able to eat something at 7:00 so I was also looking forward to that.

I had half a watermelon and a half of a banana after the initial fasting session. It never tasted so good. When you’re really hungry, food taste better. When you get full, it starts to lose its taste. I was really hungry because the taste of the fruit never went away. In fact, I thought I’d eaten too much because I started to feel a headache. So I drank loads of water and tried to get to sleep.

That was Day 1 of getting off coffee. I hadn’t started to miss is yet since I was so focused on just not eating anything.