FREE Teleseminar Series

FREE NACWIB Teleseminar Series

3 Practical Power Steps to Build Your Business

April 20, 27, May 5, 2015

Join me in three powerful teleseminar sessions as I share practical yet powerful and necessary concepts to get your business moving forward.

These topics provide very necessary information to creating a business that can generate cash flow and be sustainable over time. In this FREE Teleseminar good news by phoneSeries you will get information to better understand steps to plan and organize your business, what it takes to create cash flow and how to start building your mailing list.

You can listen in on these learning sessions. Time permitting you will have a chance to ask some questions or making get a bit of coaching on the topic.

Here are the three teleseminars:

1. Your Small Business Assessment: Is Your Business Planned and Ready?

When you register for the series you will be able to download a short small business assessment. This is similar to the outline of a business plan. You can go through the assessment prior to the session to analyze what condition your business is in. This will be good if you are just starting our or have been in business for a while. In the teleseminar, I will go through each area of the assessment.

Find out:

  • how each section fits into the business plan
  • why you want to put a plan on paper, even if it’s only one page
  • recognize areas of shortcomings that are causing trouble in your business.

Date/Time:  Tuesday, April 20, 6 p.m. PST; 9 p.m. EST


2. Why You MUST Plan Your Cash Flow Strategy in Order to Make an Income

Making money is a primary objective of business. Yet, a lot of business owners, particularly those working online find it difficult to generate an income.

Find out:

  • why it’s important to plan a strategy for cash flow generation
  • how planning helps get you out of the feast or famine cycle
  • easy steps to start planning a cash flow strategy

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 27, 10 a.m. PST; 1 p.m. EST


3. How to Choose a Topic for Your First Lead Magnet to Build Your Mailing List

A business with a web presence needs to grow a mailing list. If you primarily work online, this is absolutely necessary; it is the only way you can get in touch with those interested in your business on a regular basis. Getting people to sign up for a mailing list is becoming more difficult with so much online competition. In this session, I share specific steps you can take to determine what your lead magnet should be to attract and keep subscribers on your mailing list.

Find out

  • what is a “lead magnet”
  • why selecting a specific topic is key to build interest
  • various options for the design of this lead magnet
  • why knowing how much to include is important.

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 5, 6 p.m. PST; 9 p.m. EST

Sign up is FREE.

These are free teleseminars for all subscribers to NACWIB or others. Simply register here to join the teleseminar series. If you can’t make it you can listen to the recording later.  The recording will stay up until the next Teleseminar.

If you don’t find the email in your regular email account, you might need to look in your junk mail. To avoid this, you can “whitelist” in your email.  You will need to check the confirmation link in the first email you receive after registering to get the information on the series and other upcoming NACWIB events.

You will get more details along with the Conference Line and PIN# when you register.

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nacwibwomanatcomputer       The Lydia Circle is Opening

Lydia was a Bible woman who had a thriving, high power business selling purple cloth.  She serves as the role model for our mentoring and coaching business group –The Lydia Circle.

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