Get Slim Without a Gym

Have you noticed that there are certain times of the year when gym memberships spike? At the start of the year, at the start of summer and going into fall gyms run ads. But, for some, owning a gym membership is a luxury that’s  just not affordable these days.

The body is the best tool for getting in shape. Even without equipment, you could lose weight if you just knew how to go about it. Here are some ways to get slimmer and keep more of your money instead of paying it out for a gym.

  • Walking – Walking is the best overall exercise, bar none. When you walk, you work every muscle group of your body and your heart and lungs. Pumping your arms gets the heart rate and breathing up so that you begin to move from an aerobic phase to a fat-burning phase. As you feel more confident, you can speed up your program for added benefit. Do it with a friend to keep you both accountable and working harder.
  • Running – This is a step up from walking. Running works the same muscle groups, only harder. Those who have run for a time say that they experience the “runner’s high.” It is the release of endorphins that spur you on to good feeling and a faster pace. Running clubs are everywhere and for a small fee, you can run in various places on different terrains with others and also enter races.
  • Dumbbells – These are free weights that can be used to build muscle in your home. Tons of exercise videos on the market can walk you through the proper form of different exercises such as military presses, squats, lunges and deltoid lifts. For women who want to get toned, higher repetitions and smaller weights will help you achieve your goal.
  • Exercise videos –  With exercise DVDs and videos you can learn to master everything from Pilates to yoga to kickboxing, all from your home. They pay for themselves in no time and can be used no matter what the weather. You don’t have to leave the house, so all you have to worry about is your self-motivation.

So if you’re looking for a way to get started in fitness but don’t want to join a gym to do it use these ideas to get you on the right track for little cost.