Healing Your Sore Throat Naturally

There are all types of reasons why you may have a sore throat. The one thing that you do know is that it is uncomfortable and irritating. Before you go out and spend money on over-the-counter medicines, think how you can help yourself at home.

A sore throat can have a lot of different causes. It can be a by-product of a sinus infection. It could be that your vocal cords are tired from singing or coughing. No matter what the cause, it hurts.

Here are some ways that you can go about healing your problem the old-fashioned way.

* Gargle – The throat may be irritated because it’s dry. Try gargling with salt water. As you gargle concentrate, on the back of your throat (without coughing). The mixture will soothe a rough dry mouth and throat. Repeat this process every hour as needed. Some gargle with water that has chili powder added. The spiciness in the gargle can numb the throat.

* Drink lots of fluids – When our throat gets sore, we don’t even want to open our mouths. It can be hard to eat and swallow with the pain. This can lead to dehydration. For someone with a sore throat, it can be dangerous. Drink lots of water, tea, coffee (if you like it) and other low calorie beverages. Try using a straw if you can’t manage to gulp it down. It may be easier on your sore throat pain.

* Honey – Honey comes from bees and is filled with their immunity. A tablespoon of honey each day can help alleviate irritation and pain by coating and soothing the throat. It also has antibiotic properties.

* Flush your sinuses – A sore throat could be caused from thick mucus secretions that are related to a cold, flu or a sinus infection. Flushing the sinuses help to thin these secretions so they can pass through and out.

* Tea – Something warm on the throat can help ease the pain. Try a cup of your favorite herbal tea with a bit of fresh lemon juice. It can also soothe irritated throats and help with the pain.

* Add moisture to the air – Using a warm air or cool mist humidifier can keep the air hydrated. Dry air can irritate a sore throat. Adding moisture perks things up.

* Change air filters – Sometimes, sore throats can develop when the air isn’t as clean inside your home as it could be. Change the air filter every three months to ensure that there is a lower incidence of dust mites, dander, lint and dirt in the air.

* Vitamin C – This can help increase your immunity to things like sore throats. The healthier you are, the lower your chances of getting sick in the winter.

Do you have a sore throat? Here are some ways to alleviate the pain naturally.