Website Tutorial #6: How to Build a Site with FrontPage

Let me just say that I love FrontPage and have built most of my sites with that software.  The unfortunate thing is that FrontPage is no longer being produced. You’d have to find a copy of the software on eBay or somewhere else.  So if you don’t already have it, these instructions may not work for you.  If you do have it, here’s how to get a site up. 


Building a website in FrontPage is quite easy, and you do not need any prior HTML experience. Here are some basic instructions for creating a simple website.


Create site: Click the icon on the top of your toolbar that looks like a blank piece of paper. From there, click site. This will create a new, blank website.


Add tables: Adding tables to your site will make the design process easy. To insert a table, go to “Table”, then “insert table”. A dialog box will open and you can determine the number of columns and rows you want your table to contain.


I like to use a table that is 1 column x 1 row on top (for my heading). Under that, I insert a table that is 3 columns x 1 row. This is for the “body” of my site. The column that is further to the left will contain my navigation, the middle column will contain articles and the far right column can contain ads. At the bottom of my site, I create another 1 column x 1 row table for my footer.


When I create tables, I use the following specs: width is 750 pixels, cell padding is 3, cell spacing is 2, and the background color is white.


Set Theme: The “theme” is the color scheme of your text, hyperlinks, background color, etc. FrontPage has several pre-installed themes. To set the theme, click on Format, then Theme. A box will open on your right, and it will display the pre-installed selections. Under the selections will be a link titled “create new theme”. Click on it to customize your own color scheme.


Add Content: Now you can start adding content to your site. If you have prior experience with Microsoft Word or Publisher, you will feel right at home in FrontPage. You can type, add pictures, and everything else you would do in a normal word processing software.


Add More Pages: When you are ready to add new pages to your site, you simply click on “new page” under “File”.