Website Tutorial #10: How to Make Your Site Look Good

Your website is one of the most important parts of your business.  In many cases, your website will serve as the first impression you make upon your customers. In order to make the best impression possible, you will want your website to look professional and visually appealing. If your website is not visually appealing, your visitors will not stay on your site for long. The following are some tips to make your website more appealing.


The color scheme of your website should be kept to complementary color tones that are easy on the eyes. If the colors you choose are too bright or garish, people may have a hard time looking at your site. Likewise, if the colors you choose clash with

each other, it could give your visitors a headache.


The fonts that you choose should be easy to read. You can certainly find some very decorative fonts, but if they have too many curly cues or other flourishes, it will be difficult to decipher some of the letters.


Another thing to consider is the font size. You will want to vary the size of your headings as well as the body of your content. Having various font sizes on your page will stimulate your visitors’ eyes. If everything was the same, your page would look rather boring. However, you don’t want to take it too far and make every single line a different font size, as that would be too distracting.


Many people simply scan the websites that they visit, rather than read every sentence. Using bulleted lists helps your visitors see the important information right away. This also creates space around the text. When people see space around text, they are more attracted to it.


Adding some graphics to your site will greatly increase your site’s appeal. At the very least, you will want to have a heading graphic at the top of your website. If you are not artistically gifted, you can outsource this to a graphic designer. In addition to your heading, ask them to create a banner and a button logo. This way, if someone asks you for a link exchange, or if you choose to advertise on someone else’s site, you will have the graphics available.


You can also use graphics on various places on your site. This will help break up the content and increase the space around the text. You will want to make sure that the graphics you use on your site are not copyrighted. You can sign up for an account at and find photos, illustrations, videos, and more to use on your site for as little as $1 each.


Making these small changes to your website can entice your visitors to stay on your website and explore the various pages and links. As you know, the longer someone stays on your website, the more likely it is that they will become your customer.