Stress Busters at Work

Stress is a number one complaint at work. Workers may not say specifically that they are feeling stressed but there are a number of signs that they may exhibit that bears this out. If you are one of the thousands that are feeling under pressure to perform on the job, here are some stress busters that may help you to regain control and enjoy your work environment again.

Stress in the workplace has cost insurance companies big money over the years. And employers have been hit as well through loss of days at work. Trouble in the workplace has led to workman’s comp claims going up. One way to combat this is through stress management on the job.

Here are some ideas to fight back the feelings of stress when they arise. Remember, don’t let stress get away from you or ignore it. Striking at the beginning increases your chances of managing it successfully and having a more pleasant experience at work.

* Get some sunlight – Exposure to sunlight is at a minimum in most offices. People underestimate the value of natural light. Basking in the sun raises levels of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is one that is responsible for our moods. And, you want to be in a good one. Take breaks outside or a brisk walk at lunchtime to soak up some old-fashioned vitamin D.

* Reduce tension – This may relate back to your chair. Most chairs are too stiff and don’t compensate for the curvature of the back. This can cause tension and pain in the lower back and even the shoulders if you work on the computer. At your desk, be sure that your chair is adjusted to a height that allows your legs to hit the floor at a ninety degree angle to your torso. Also ensure that your arms do the same as they tap the keyboard. This can take the strain off your neck when doing repetitive movements.

* Breathe – Have you ever noticed the air quality in your office? You may need an air purifier at your desk. They can be expensive but you can get some time outdoors as an alternative. Take long, deep breaths. The added oxygen can help clear the fog from your brain in the afternoon after lunch. If your desk is located near the copy room, ask to be moved if possible. Copiers collect a lot of dust and that is not good for the environment, the air quality or your lungs.

* Say no – We are often stressed because we take on too many tasks. It is okay to do your job and strive to do more, but don’t overload yourself to the point of too many projects coming due at one time. You can’t possibly do your best work that way. Know your job description and don’t be afraid to let your boss know what you can’t handle.

Is your job crushing your psyche? Use these tips to help keep you in top mental shape for whatever lies ahead.