29 Benefits of Better Nutrition

1. Waking up without having to be dependent on a drug called caffeine.

2. Waking up and knowing where you are because your mind in clear.

3. Waking up without blurry eyes becuse the natural tears are in order.

4. Seeing your stomach get flatter.

5. Being able to go to the bathroom with ease!

6. Watching your skin clear up and look smoother.

7. Having a better, deeper sleep.

8. Naturally eating less.

9. Naturally wanting to eat better, healthier foods.

10. Sores, wounds, healing quicker, faster.

11. Fingernails getting stronger.

12. Watching your hair grow out and get thicker.

13. Having enough energy to exercise each day.

14. Trying new recipes because you want to try new vegetables.

15. Ready to try new ideas and concepts.

16. Feeling the effects of drinking more water

17. Naturally being attracted to foods that digest better in your body.

18. Having a better disposition.

19. Getting along better with others.

20. Realizing that the stress levels are going down.

21. Feeling that you CAN do what you want.

22. Going more places without feeling so tired.

23. Starting to feel emotionally balanced.

24. Able to make a decision and stick to it.

25. Cleaning up.

26. Smiling more.

27. Being more calm.

28. Accomplishing things and finishing what’s undone.

29. Being present in the now instead of being stuck in the past.