Are You Doing Business Or Just Being Busy?

Business women generate cash in their business. In fact, to stay in business generating a cash flow is necessary. Sure, it’s necessary to think positive about you and your business and charge the right prices. But the bottom line is that to operate a sustainable business you must know how to earn profit.

What Freelance Focus is for You?

Do you have trouble trying to narrow down what you’ll do as a freelancer? I’ll share that it literally took me years to really know how ot narrow a topic.  One reason was that I was trying to bring my vast years of experience to the Internet after working in a regular offline world for [Continue Reading]

Keyword Research Site

Are you looking for keywords to help with your niche site?  Need keywords to do some freelance writing, blog or web posts? Here’s a great keyword reseach site and it’s free to use.  It provides cross links to words related to your keyword.  You’ll start generating all kinds of ideas just by playing around at [Continue Reading]

Freelance Work Site for Technical Freelancers

Here’s another good site for freelancers to check out online if you’re into the technical side of the Internet.  It’s  There’s no sign-up fee if your are a freelancer.  The only payment is 5% commission on your finished project.  Go to the site and see the extensive list of projects needs.  If you’re technical [Continue Reading]