What Freelance Focus is for You?

Do you have trouble trying to narrow down what you’ll do as a freelancer? I’ll share that it literally took me years to really know how ot narrow a topic.  One reason was that I was trying to bring my vast years of experience to the Internet after working in a regular offline world for decades.


Internet marketing is very narrow. It’s worse than trying to write a paper in the dissertation world (If any of you have tried that).  I can be successfully done but a lot of the work is focusing, narrowing the topic and narrowing again.


I think it could be worthwhile to run a mini-series here on the blog on how to look for a niche in freelancing if you’re confused. This will be great if you’re going to take my “How to Get Started in Freelancing” class that starts August 11.  I’m going to run that class probably every other month for the rest of the year. 


I get lots of requests to help small business people and freelancers to get started, so this will be of help.


I’ll break it down into tips.


So tip #1:

List out what you love to do. Note I didn’t say, what you already do, want to do, or should do. I said “Love to do.”


If you’re starting in freelancing you have the opportunity to explore using the talents, experiences, hobbies, or background, that you might have put aside while you do your regular job.


Dust off those shelved dreams and take a fresh look at them.  What would you love to do everyday of your life if you could?


While considering that, think about what it would be like to take that love and turn it into a business. I’ve known lots of people who decide to take what they love and turn it into a business only to find out that the business side took the joy out of it. 


But worry about that tomorrow.  Just make the list today.


You will need to put the idea through some filters anyway to see the feasibility of turning it into a business. Right now, go brainstorm and have some fun while you’re at it.