Are You Doing Business Or Just Being Busy?

Business women generate cash in their business. In fact, to stay in business generating a cash flow is necessary. Sure, it’s necessary to think positive about you and your business and charge the right prices. But the bottom line is that to operate a sustainable business you must know how to earn profit.

If you are not generating cash profits, you are operating a non-profit organization – and that is not what a real business woman wants to do.

As an entrepreneur, you have to know how to conduct a business. It takes time, planning, and knowledge to get the business started in the right direction.

A business woman needs to put certain systems in place along with other required business elements. But once you know these basics, you can develop your business.

So are you developing a real business? Let’s be honest; it’s possible that what you do everyday is not really a business. Maybe you’re great at the technical part of what you know – gardening, designing a website, bookkeeping, etc. – but you find you’re not attracting clients and making money.

You certainly intend to be in business, but the reality is that you might only be doing busy work. That’s why you start and stop new projects every few weeks and see few results.

The truth is, it might not be your fault. Really smart, dedicated people fall into the trap of thinking creating a business and especially creating on online will be a fast easy fix to financial woes. That comes from reading so much of the hype that’s out there about what it takes to do Internet business.  And that hype if simply not true.

Business experts say that one in five businesses will fail within just a few years of starting. The actual numbers are probably quite a lot higher. You don’t want to fail. You want to succeed. When you know the top reasons why entrepreneurs fail, you can better prepare your business for years of success.

I’m going to be sharing some of the top reasons why entrepreneurial ventures fail on a regular basis next time.

Who is Leading Your Work?

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

Being a good leader in your business is something every Christian business women should strive to do. I love the topic of leadership. I studied women’s leadership styles when earning my top degrees and continue to work with women in leadership today.

But when it comes to leading your business, many steps can be shared about how to go about this task; what to do first, next and so on. The question a Christian business woman must ask herself however, is who is really leading my business? It is often important to just stop to be sure you are listening to the right leader in your life. Make that leader your Lord.

Leading on your own without spiritual guidance can be a recipe for disaster. I know too many women who get so busy and stressed out they forget to pray even once during any day.  Before soon, they are struggling to keep themselves calm. Some even find themselves in a real fix with workers, bosses or clients. Tempers may flare, bad decisions could be made, anxiety might reach an all time high.

Instead of falling into traps set by the world, schedule prayer into your day. Actually write a time on your daily calendar when you will stop to bow your head in prayer. You might figuratively bow while doing something else. The point is to take concentrated time to talk to your real leader.

I do this in the car on the way to and from work and when I go to between meetings during the day. What a great time to talk to the Lord. When things get rough or a difficult decision needs to be made, I turn to the real boss of my life.

It didn’t come naturally to do this; thinking about prayer first isn’t what’s taught in most business schools. It’s up to you as a woman of God to do the right thing?

And why wouldn’t you? It’s having the privilege to walk right into the top CEO’s presence whenever you want to ask a question, sit to talk or to just express yourself.  The CEO is the one with the answers, He’s the one to let you see the big picture when you get stuck in the small stuff.  You get to rise above the world and see things from a spiritual perspective that sheds light on the material natural world. Why pass up the opportunity to go right to the head person? Yet too many women do so on a daily basis, ending up feeling all alone without a friend, mentor or guidance.

Make prayer a part of your daily tasks. You can just talk about your day, express how things are going, talk as if to your best friend. I challenge you to try this starting today.

What Christian Business Women Need to Know about Payroll Management

If you are a Christian woman in business and have employees in your business (as opposed to independent contractors), knowing about payroll management is one of the most important parts of doing business.  Even though this is a basic components of business accounting,  it can be surprisingly complex.  There are a lot of different parts of the accounting process to keep track of in business.  If you have an accountant or manage your own payroll,  here are seven things you should keep in mind about managing your payroll.

Tracking Hours

If you’re paying your employees by the hour, payroll management begins with having a good system for tracking time worked by each employee.  Have a reliable system to accurately log in hours.  If you are working with a virtual employee, have that person provide you with her hours tracking sheet each month showing what has bene accomplish during the payment time period. This is essential for accurate payroll management

Taxes and Withholding

As an employer,  you are responsible for withholding the appropriate amount of taxes from your employee checks.  That includes but isn’t limited to a 6.2% social security withholding, a 1.45% withholding for Medicare, income tax withholding and more.  You also need to put in your employer tax matches, including the same amount in Medicare and social security, as well as unemployment taxes and know when to submit the paperwork and money to the government.

Benefits and Deductions

Employee benefits like dental plans and health insurance plans often come with a premium payment that the employee needs to pay.  Your company will usually pick up part of the tab and you would have the employee put in a certain amount also.  The necessary premium portion from the employee will need to be deducted from their paycheck in the form of deductions.

Tracking Payment Due Dates

Another somewhat confusing aspect of payroll management is tracking when you need to pay various dues, taxes and fees.  Different government organizations need to be paid at different times.  Furthermore, the date of your company’s fiscal year end can shift these dates around.  You need to develop a system for tracking when you need to pay what if you are doing your own payments.  Record these payment dates on your calendar as being late on paying your fees can result in penalties.

How to Actually Pay Employees

How to get money to your employee is another important payroll management component.  Options for doing this include setting up direct deposits, printing and mailing checks, or even having the employee pick the check up in person.  You also need to print pay stubs which detail your employees’ compensation, withholdings and deductions.  These are important for your employees’ records.  They’re also essential records in case a dispute ever arises.

Tax Forms

You need to make sure you get tax forms from your employees every year. These forms need to be completely filled out by all employees and postmarked by January 31st. These forms include 1099s for contractors and W-2s for employees.

Maintaining Your Accounting Records

The amount of hours worked and the salary pay owed must be balanced against the amount of money actually paid out. Balancing should be done both quarterly and annually. Balancing your books helps avoid accounting mistakes and oversight.

As you can tell, managing employee payroll can be quite a complex endeavor. Having someone experienced in house or having a trustworthy accounting firm work with you can make the whole payroll process much easier. The most complicated part is getting started. Once your payroll systems are in place, keeping things running is relatively simple.  Even if you have an outside professional do your payroll records as a responsible women in business, it is good to have at least a basic understanding of how this process works.

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Let Fiverr Help Your Business Grow

Have you wondered what the Fiverr site is all about?  Well, it is one of the very first and largest microservice sites on the internet.  It is a site where people with skills offer services for only $5.   The idea is simple, but the results are huge.  You can literally find any type of services you might need for your business and contract with someone to provide that service for you.  It can be very helpful for basic services you need without having to put out a lot of money up front.

I’ve used Fiverr to purchase a cover graphic for a Kindle book and to get some articles written in a pinch.  As with any type of service site you have to carefully select a service provider even if you are only spending $5.  The reason you connect with someone at Fiverr or any other type of service site is because you have a business need.  So you expect to get good services.  Some of the providers will be excellent while others  will not.

Spend some time at the site getting to know the type of work any person can provide.  Look at their portfolios and see how many times they have been used by other business people.  You can also correspond with the person asking questions about their experience.  At least Fiverr is only $5 and if you find someone who does a great job it’s possible to be able to to work with them again.

Here are some of the different kinds of services you can contract on Fiverr.

Attention Getting Publicity Stunts

People on Fiverr can offer to do really unique things to help you get publicity for your business.  For instance, you can get someone to temporarily tattoo their arm with your brand’s logo and take a photo of it.  Someone could offer to walk around carrying a sign advertising your business.  Other will create original lyrics about your business and sing them for you on a YouTube video.

Proofreading and Publishing

You can have your document proofread for $5. You can have a book cover designed for $5. You can have a book converted into Kindle format for $5. You can have an electronic book cover rendered for $5.  A lot of the more menial tasks in the writing and publishing process for both web and print content can be outsourced to Fiverr.

Website Building Tasks

Find someone to help solve a WordPress configuration error.  Get another person to build .edu and .gov backlinks to your website.  Need help moving your website from one host to another? You can pay $5 for it instead of several hundred by going to a system admin.

Random Things

There are all kinds of random services you can find on Fiverr.  You can find people who’ll sign up for Dropbox using your referral link, so you can get extra storage space.  Someone will provide coaching to help you get through a tough problem with your business or another problem.  You can find even find someone to write articles and create blog posts on your niche topic.

Video and Audio Services

Need someone to read your video script out loud in an exciting voice? Fiverr is a fantastic resource.   Want to add a cool animated intro to your videos? Someone will gladly create it for you for $5.  The list of things you can find on Fiverr goes on and on and on and on.

Get in the habit of checking Fiverr whenever you find yourself wishing you could hand off a task. If you ever find yourself taking a long time on a task that’s outside your expertise, try checking Fiverr to see if someone would do it for $5. If it’s work that can be delegated online, chances are someone will.

Smart Ways to Free Yourself from Guilty Feelings

If you are human, you have made mistakes before. Some of these mistakes can lead to feelings of guilt. But, you don’t have to live with guilt. There are ways to move on with your life.

What is guilt? It is best described as the feeling of inadequacy that follows a mistake or a blunder. Sometimes, it isn’t even a blunder to anyone other than to the person feeling guilty.

It is not uncommon to make mistakes. We are all capable of it. But what follows that mistake? If someone else is hurt physically, mentally or financially, you may feel a sense of responsibility to make it right. This is the beginning of guilt.

Whether you hurt someone intentionally or by accident, confessing the wrong can put the situation in perspective. Either the person will forgive you or not. If it is a criminal act, you will be punished or absolved of guilt according to the law.

But, even after all of this happens, what can make a person continue to feel bad about what they have done? Guilty feelings that continue usually start before the incident that evoked the guilt.

What can cause guilt? Here are a few suggestions.

* Criticism – If you are exposed to criticism all the time, you may feel inadequate. This inadequacy could be directed at you or at a certain task you perform.

* Lack of resolution – If you can’t talk to the person you hurt then there is a distinct lack of closure. This can result in you making up scenarios in your mind that revolve around feelings of not being forgiven for the act. You may try harder with others to not hurt or offend them as a result of not being able to make amends in this case.

* Unfulfilled expectations – Some people feel guilty just because they can’t live up to others’ expectations. They feel the disappointment over what they are not, so that who they truly are doesn’t seem to matter.

So how can you counter guilty feelings?

* Take a realistic view of yourself – Each person makes mistakes. Use them as learning experiences. No one is perfect, but you can try to do better the next time.

* List your good qualities – We all have some. Keep this list handy for times when feelings of inadequacy creep back in. Post it on your refrigerator and the bathroom mirror.

* Avoid comparisons – It is the kiss of death. Sure, we all do things differently, but that doesn’t make one method better than another. If you compare yourself to someone else, you are sure to come up short on some point. That is a good way to trigger debilitating guilt.

* Counter negative thoughts – Stop negative thoughts about yourself in their path. When you have one, counter it with a positive affirmation.

Guilt is a destructive emotion that can hurt you long after the triggering event has passed. Learn to let go and move on.