Day 7 – Coffee Detox and Cleanse

CI can hardly believe a week has passed since I decided to make a drastic change in my life. Finally, I’m reaching the goals I’ve always wanted to reach by just saying “Yes” to my desire to be healthier and to help other reach their desires to be healthier.

Today, Day 7, I finally, finally, have relief in this coffee detox experience. My body is “sore” as if I’ve been on a long climb that used every muscle. But for the internal pain, it’s essentially gone. I guess it was so bad that this relief is something that I am just thrilled to experience now.

I still realize that I’m a bit dehydrated. I always thought I was drinking a lot of water, but now I realize that the caffeine masked a lot of dehydration in the body. That certainly had a lot to do with the cramps. Also, I’m going to look for a high quality vitamin mineral supplement. Magnesium, calcium and zinc are three essential minerals that are depleted with high level caffeine intake.

As for the Raw Foods Cleanse, I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed going through that process too. I don’t think I’ll go completely raw in my life but I’m definitely adding more raw foods to my diet on a regular basis. I’ve learned that it’s possible to exist with uncooked foods and feel satisfied. I missed hot foods. I know that foods can be heated to around 140 degrees without destroying their enzymes and all. But I really enjoy really hot foods; probably from my Peace Corps years in Africa where hot foods were all I knew.

Either way, my intention is to stay more vegetarian in my diet. I don’t think this is best for everyone.

In fact, I have a client at this time that is studying to be a Personal Trainer and he is very interested in a high protein, meat based diet. Every body requires a different diet. That’s the point of working with a professionally trained nutrition and health counselor. I certainly would love to be your health counselor and will continue to let you in my adventure this year as I become healthier.

Day 6 Coffee Detox

Woke up this morning feeling a bit better. Some cramping was still there. The chills came and went yesterday by the way which I forgot to mention. Right now at 11:00 a.m. on day 6, my legs are still sore but feeling better. Mentally and emotionally, I need some relief from the pain.

I’m going to drink water like crazy today. I cleaned the water filter yesterday. I had put lemon in the tank but found they get rather funky. So don’t take that step, just add lemon to the glass of water instead.

Today is also day 6 of my raw food cleanse. That’s going pretty well. I have to admit that I cheated a bit on that. I started putting some raw cashews in my veggie salad about two days ago which set up eating the raw cashews. I guess I’m just really feeling hungry at times. Last night for dinner I fixed a piece of salmon for my husband and had a small piece in my veggie salad. Adding that small piece of protein probably wasn’t too bad.

Overall I’m really pleased with the cleanse and detox. I feel much lighter in one week and it’s obvious that some weight is coming off. That is a great reward for this “jump-start” program. No doubt I’ll keep going on that. I doubt that I’ll go back to coffee after this, even for a small amount. It just doesn’t seem worth it right now; I’ll see how I feel afterwards.

Getting through today will be the problem. It’s the 4th of July holiday weekend so I expect my husband will want to go do something. I’m usually the one talking about getting bar-b-que ribs. I can’t see doing that after a week of raw foods without tearing up my stomach. But I might fall for a bit of fish.

Everything on the coast will be fish and chips I know. We leave by the Pacfific Ocean where the smaller towns always have some type of festival or something on holidays. It’s really a fun thing to enjoy.

I still need to get my green smoothie for the day. That’s a part of this adventure that’s going very well and I’ll start letting you know about that soon.

Day 5 – Coffee Detox

Yesterday, Friday, was Day 5 of the detox. I was too busy then too tired to write even though I lay in bed thinking about getting up to make at least this one post. The leg cramps really got to me yesterday. One reason was that I had a business meeting all morning; was out of the house by 9:00 and got back around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

The meeting was to scout out a new place for an event so it involved a lot of walking up and down stairs, hills, and on trails. The place is gorgeous and will make a lovely setting for a health retreat. I drank a fabulous herb tea from Africa and sipped water all morning.

I was famished on the way home but that was my fault for not thinking ahead to bring some fruit or a veggie mix to munch on until I got to really eat.

But the leg cramps set in as soon as I got home. They were so bad I was almost crying by 2:00. I did some extra research because of course, the mind starts to go crazy thinking there’s all type of diseases going on in the body at this point. What I learned was essential.

A large dose of caffeine can affect various minerals in the body. I knew about the calcium but learned that potassium and magnesium are also affected. It also has a dehydrating effect. So my legs were probably suffering from a lack of essential minerals and possibly dehydration. I did notice that although I’ve been drinking water like an empty lake I’m always thirsty.

So it’s possible my body is regulating the water needs that I never noticed before. I have a wonderful health drink called “Calm.” It’s a shot of magnesium in powder form. I put it in a cup of hot water and drank a cup of that like tea. The only bad thing is that it contained stevia, a natural sweetener but another trigger for a headache! I took two Aleve and tried to rest. That helped for a while.

So this leads to the theory that the minerals are depleted in some areas of my body as well as a problem of dehydration which causes cramping. I drank water for the rest of the day and tried to rest.

By night time, the legs cramps were back so much I had to get out of bed and took another Aleve and drink another huge glass of water. I hate admitting I took so many tablets but I never expected to hurt getting off my levels of coffee consumption. If I had to do it again, I would probably get off coffee slower instead of cold turkey. I was trying to do raw foods cleanse and cold turkey coffee in the same week. That’s a real shock to the system. My way of doing this is to just make up my mind and get something done rather than piece-mealing it. That’s why I’m doing the cold turkey thing.

My coffee habit was so severe it really is drastic to get off. Your consumption levels might not be as severe as mine so take a detox problem in a personal way. I am going to develop pa program to start assisting others with this process as it will lead to so many other health benefits too.

Day 4 – Caffeine Detox

Four days into this and I’m still feeling the detox. As a result of this, I’ve learned that caffeine can affect your levels of calcium in the body which can be serious in women at an older age. According to a Personal Trainer who is just starting to work with me to help me through this, large amounts of caffeine can affect glucose levels in the body. That means metabolizing fat is not normal in a body that is filled with this drug.

I’ve let you know that I love drinking coffee. It’s a social event as well as a good tasting beverage for me. But I’ve turned into something else. I’ve allowed it to take over my life and my body.

On this fourth day, my legs are still cramping. I’m doing stretches and getting ready to do a few minutes on my Elliptical machine this afternoon. Keeping up with my workouts seem to help although I couldn’t do it yesterday. I took a short nap today and that helped. I’m on my second green smoothie since they are so delicious. I know that keeping my body full of fresh vitamins and minerals will be the biggest help with this.

As you know I’m also doing a one week raw foods cleanse. Yesterday was difficult for that. I wanted to start eating everything in the refrigerator. I did fall a bit in that I act some raw cashews instead of sticking strictly with fruits and veggies. But I don’t think that’s going to hurt. I am looking forward to getting back on more food however.

I’ve fasted for up to five days before on just water so this is not a fast at all. Instead, it’s a cleanse. If you need to get your body moving (can I be more direct and say, your bowels), this is a great way to do that in a gentle and natural way. If you don’t have the detox going at the same time, you will love how you feel as your body starts rejuvenating itself.

Day 3 Coffee Detox Evening

Time for sleep. I took a nap earlier; the leg cramps became too much. I’m trained as a massage therapit so I gave myself some great leg massage that helped somewhat, took a hot shower and now I’m ready to get into a comfortable bed.

I was thinking about this detox. A reason I must do this is because I’m determined to get serious about being a Health and Wellness Coach. It’s been something I’ve desired to do for years, since retruning from the Peace Corps. Natural health has always been my belief. But for integrity sake, I have to live my talk.

This experience is making me think. What’s interesting is that our bodies are totally ours to control (except in unusual situations of course). Isn’t it a wonder that the first thing most people do when they are stressed is start to do what is harmful to their own body?

I started drinking loads of coffee during times of great stress. Even when the situation started to tune down, the coffee drinking increased; up to eight cups a day.

Probably most addictions start this way; a little bit of dabbling in what brings an artifical relief that really shouldn’t be a bad thing. Coffee is a worldwide drink. I enjoyed great coffee in Africa, Mexico, Spain and in all States of the US. It’s great to bring people together. But with everything, you can go overboard.

Too much of a good thing soon turns to a bad addiction. Now I need to get control of my life again. How many thousands of professional people are in the same position but haven’t taken the steps to control their health? All the money in the world can’t make you healty if you don’t take control of it yourself.

All the money in the world can’t take away the pain of the withdrawals. It’s a strong reminder to me that the most important thing is to live longer, healthier.

Going to bed – hope to have a better day tomorrow.