Caring About Calories

Leaders, executives, business professionals and everyone else need to be aware of their health.  Success is great, money is fabulous, but without your health, none of it matters. 

Reports are now being released that obesity in the US is increasing.  This morning, a new report is out that 28 US States are reporting increases in obseity in the population. As a result, health issues are increasing.

One way to take responsbility for this is to start caring about your calorie intake.  If you are older than 40, it’s important to know that your metabolism has slowed down effectively burning less calories than you did as a youth.

Most people are not actually aware of just how many calories are eaten each day or just how many of them get burned up through body processes and activity levels.

Those individuals who are age 60 or older also lose muscle mass and as most of us know muscle mass helps us to burn calories. Without muscle mass, we add poundage to our frame when we eat more than our bodies need.

Men and women who are in their fifties burn 4 to 8% more calories than men and women in their 60s.

Individual who are 40 years of age or older need to be more careful about how many calories they consume each day and more diligent about being able to burn off what we do not need.

If you find that you are gaining weight, make changes now such as increasing your daily activity level, or eating fat-free or light products. Watch portion sizes and drink more than eight 8-oz glasses of water a day.

When counting calories don’t forget to count the calories contained in beverages, condiments, and of course desserts.