Planning Updates

Planning a conference is a huge undertaking (I always wonder if my using the word “undertaking” has anything to do with the fact that my father was an “Undertaker”?)  But, I digress.

I’ve been planning events for decades.  I can’t really remember the first event I planned but it was probably back in elementary school.  Being an introvert, the best way to bring people together was to plan a gathering where I could do some of the facilitating. This helped to “break the ice” with the people that attended.  Then the talking wasn’t so difficult.

My formal training was as a Director of Development and Public Relations for a professional university.  In that position I learned about the various levels of fundraising including preparing everything from major donor events, direct mail campaigns to public fundraisers. 

As tense as it can be, there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing people arrive at an event and thoroughly enjoy themselves. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Women’s Conference in Paso Robles, April 29, with the same anticipation.