Keyword Research Site

Are you looking for keywords to help with your niche site?  Need keywords to do some freelance writing, blog or web posts? Here’s a great keyword reseach site and it’s free to use.  It provides cross links to words related to your keyword.  You’ll start generating all kinds of ideas just by playing around at this site.

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Freelance Work Site for Technical Freelancers

Here’s another good site for freelancers to check out online if you’re into the technical side of the Internet.  It’s  There’s no sign-up fee if your are a freelancer.  The only payment is 5% commission on your finished project. 

Go to the site and see the extensive list of projects needs.  If you’re technical at all, you might be able to get a start wtih some projects at this site. 

Freelancers – Don’t Get Scammed

Have you done a Google search for “freelance jobs” lately?  If not, give it a try and you’ll find that you get a listing of literally thousands of possibilities.  While this may make your heart beat a bit faster with joy, you also have to be careful about approaching some of these jobs.


One of the best rules of thumb about job searching is to go to sites you can be sure are legitimate. For instance, is this a new job listing site or one that’s been around for a while?  New sites pop up all of the time and while I support new business opportunities that offer job connections, you have to be sure that the site is legitimate and that the leads you’re given are real, even before you simply list your name.


Here’s a example of what I mean. I’m listed on several freelance Internet sites.  Recently, I received a personal email from a person who said she found me on one of these sites.  She liked my background and wanted to invite me to bid on a very lucrative job.  I’ve learned not to get too excited about things like this but I was curious.  Sure enough, when I clicked through to learn more, it was a scam job.


At least I knew enough to understand what was going on and reported the scam. So be careful is the big warning here.


Some legitimate sites include


  •                           General Freelance, All Specialities
  •                              General Freelance, All Speicalities
  •                            Global professionals pool
  •                               Tech jobs
  •     Affordable Programmers

Finding a Freelance Job

The good thing about freelancing is that its’ a well needed occupation.  No matter what your area of specialty, you can be effective as a freelancer. As the economy gets worse the opportunities for freelancers gets better. 

The reason?  Layoffs. Unfortunately, when the economy is bad the first thing to start going are jobs.  Salaries are the largest expense item on any business budget. So to save money, the people who do the jobs necessary to run a business are cut.  This means the business needs to look for freelances to do the jobs without having the burden of a full-time employee. 

So where are all of these job opportunities hiding? Finding freelance opportunities can be done online or off.  Using the Internet means having easy access to quality freelance opportunities, but this method could also lead to scams. It can also put freelancers in an awkward position of facing potential clients who want a lot of great work out of you without paying you proper feels. 

This means needing to know how to protect yourself.  The next series of blog posts will give some important tips for you to consider when seeking a freelance opportunity online.