Even an Introvert Can Network Effectively

Are you an introvert who prefers to have one on one conversations instead of talking to a whole group?  Do you often feel shy when it comes to networking or meeting new people for your business? Does it take a significant amount of quiet time for you to re-charge yourself and to think and reflect?

Well,  if you are an introvert don’t give up on being an effective marketer.   From personal experience I can tell you that being introverted don’t stop you from getting the word out about your business.   When people find out that my personality is more introverted than extroverted they are surprised because I’ve learned to speak up when necessary and even do a lot of public speaking.  Yet,  there are times when I feel very “shy” or just feel more comfortable sitting in a corner reading a book in the quiet.

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of being an introvert and see how to use this personality trait in business.

What Does it Mean to be an Introvert?

According to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment,  introverts are motivated internally. They are thinkers and can seem to be locked inside their own head most of the time.  Sometimes, an introvert can seem to be cut off from others.  If you’re really into just being on your own, these can be tendencies that can make it difficult for you to meet people, establish connections, and do some necessary networking. Yet maing connections is necessary to build a business.

Developing business connections means you  …

* Can find talented people who can help you build a team of experts to support you to succeed
* Can develop powerful partnerships that assist the increase of profits and success
* Develop relationships that can be leveraged through good business strategies
* Become a leader within your organization
* Build a community of followers, prospects, and customers

In short, relationship building is essential for success. Yet your introverted personality might mean struggling to meet people and forging these powerful and profitable relationships.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you need to meet more people even if you’re an introvert.

How to Meet People and Build Connections

1. Determine Networking Goals

To get yourself out of a rut, set a goal to meet a certain amount of new people over a certain period of time.  For instance, decide to meet someone new at least once a week, if not more often.   Since you probably do a lot on the internet, why not make a new connection online?  Do this through a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter.  You can also meet someone when you’re out conducting your daily business or social activities. Keep business cards with you at all times.  Make the effort to engage the person in conversation and learn more about them. This is manageable because introverts thrive in one on one situations. The challenge here is to find the motivation to actually meet more people.  Remember, relationships build a business.  The more people you know, the more opportunities you’re exposed to.

2. Build On Those New Connections

As you begin meeting people, start asking the people you really connect with on a personal or professional level to introduce you to even more people.   If they belong to a group you’re not involved with, ask if you can go to a meeting with them.   You can leverage five connections into twenty-five if each person you meet introduces you to five new people.   Soon you’ll see your network begin to grow as you start to meet many new like-minded people.  It’s a wonderful way to build a support network.

3. Take Time for You

If you’re introverted you need down time to relieve some stress.  I know I need to get away by myself sometimes just to start thinking straight again.  I have to take quiet time to read my Bible, pray, go for a walk and just chill out.  Set time aside to recharge and refresh.  This is particularly important if you’re are actively getting out and meeting new people.   For example, if you spend an hour networking online then schedule some quiet time into your day to.  That will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and burned.

Now here’s the really good news.  As an introverts we have a spectacular ability to brainstorm,  problem solve, be innovative and build a business. Yet the ability to meet new people and leverage relationships is a challenge. Appeal to your ability to connect with people on a one on one basis and start meeting more people in a relaxed and comfortable manner.  Believe me, it gets easier as you practice this.  Don’t force yourself into a public speaking situation or into a large-scale networking group right away.  Just take it one step at a time and work to your strengths.