Big Belly Syndrome

I read an interesting article today about the dangers of having a big belly. It’s particularly dangerous the older you get. Apparently, having a large waist will take up to 10 years off of your life. That’s pretty sobering as a majority of Americans are considered to be obese.

I don’t happen to have a tape measure right now or I’d do a quick measurement. of course I wouldn’t post it on this website but I’d give a type of report to let you kow what’s going on. It’s a bit late at night but I really wanted to get this information down.

I know too many people that have the Big Belly Syndrome and don’t know what to do about it. let me give you a hint aobut why this happens. First of all, let me put in the disclaimer that I don’t kwo if there is such as thing a Big Belly Syndrome; I just made it up. But that stomach that sticks out past your breast is what I mean.

Let me give you an example of why this could happen. I just went through a 7 day raw foods cleanse and detox of coffee. In that time, my digestion improved, taste buds became more sensitive, food became a new excitement. I also got off of white sugar.

Well, I had company over the weekend and they wanted to try the cakes at Madonna Inn so off we go; four of us ordering a slice that we each wanted. I thought I was being good because I ate my slice over two days. Well tonight, I have a first hand knowledge of what brings on big belly syndrome – white sugar.

As of tonight my stomach is growing bigger again and I’m so disappointed. All of that hard work seems to have gone down the drain. I guess I have to confess to sneaking some baked potato chips too. Even though baked, it was too much sodium.

All of this white sugar and artificial seaonings is death to a flat stomach. Don’t eat these – I tell you, if there’s any motivation to get off of white sugar it’s to keep a flat stomach.

Well, tomorow I’m going to look up that article and give you a link. This is the reason to really pay attention and think of health prior to stuffing anything into your face. Is it worth dying 10 years early just to eat sweets? Is it worth being sick?

I know there’s more to it than just stopping. There’s stress and the craves that goes along wtih it. Managing stress is the first thing to do to keep from craving sweets. Start charting what makes you go for that piece of cake. It’s not just becuase it was Sunday and everyone was around. It was because of the conversations happening that day, the stress of what was coming on Monday and feeling out of control. Certain words had been spoken that weren’t too kind; that increased tension in my body.

I didn’t take time to assess this in myself and bring myself into a peaceful place. Instead, I went for hte white flour and white sugar; something comfortable and recognizable. But I pay the price now.

Learning to take control of your health means learning to chart behaviors, recognize them and change them. At least I’m more aware although it took some time to realize that. Learn from this experience, and start being more conscious of your emotions and what triggers a sugar binge. More later.