Are You Doing Business Or Just Being Busy?

Business women generate cash in their business. In fact, to stay in business generating a cash flow is necessary. Sure, it’s necessary to think positive about you and your business and charge the right prices. But the bottom line is that to operate a sustainable business you must know how to earn profit.

Do You Have Good Cash Flow?

Cash flow is what all business people want. That’s a fact. If you are operating a business that is not making money you will not be in business for long. Unfortunately, getting the cash to flow in your business may not be happening as much as you want. That means you have a problem that needs to be analyzed and adjusted as quickly as possible.

Should Christian Business Women Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Depending on your business and how far along you are, a marketing consultant may be important in helping your business to grow. Christian business women are now starting to work with marketing consultants to assist with entrepreneurial firms, large corporations or non-profits. Marketing consultant have client businesses that span a whole range of different industries. Essentially, any company that’s focused on marketing, that cares about their brand or wants to bring in new customers could use the services of a marketing consultant. Knowing exactly which types of clients you’re targeting will help you attract and close more of those clients.

Are You Focused on Your Goal?

Are you a business woman who has written a solid, focused, measurable goal for your business?  Are the next steps you intend to take to meet your intentions and expetactions clear? In order to reach bold goals in your business you have to write ones that are specific, measuarable, attainable, reachable and timely.  This results in creating a [Continue Reading]