Tips to Cope with Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety and fear can keep you from living the life that you want. If you are dealing with them now, here are some tips to help you regain control of your life and put them behind you.

What is fear and anxiety? Anxiety is a disorder that can be characterized by attacks that may leave you powerless to respond. It may feel as if you are having a heart attack that seems to come out of the blue. You may experience sweating, heart racing, clammy skin and shortness of breath.

Anxiety can occur in a variety of situations. Some of them you may not be aware that you had a problem with until they happen. Fear is often the result of bouts of anxiety. There is that part of you that is afraid that the situation will arise again, so you are constantly on alert for it.

Cases of anxiety and fear can range from mild to severe. In most cases, it can begin with a thought or a memory that grows out of control and triggers the panic attack. In mild cases, they are not usually a hindrance to your life.

But, there are ways to help you deal with this feeling and the situations that trigger them. Even if the reasons surrounding the situation are irrational, the fear and anxiety are very real and so are the symptoms.

* Start by seeking medical advice – Your doctor may advise you to see a therapist to get at the heart of the matter. He may be able to treat your symptoms with medication. Give a thorough medical history as some medications for anxiety have strong side effects.

* Exercise – A healthy body can help you to deal better with the stresses and situations in your life that can lead to anxiety attacks. You don’t have to start with vigorous activities. Try yoga or tai chi or even Pilates to get your body moving again. Exercise releases endorphins that stimulate positive moods and clearer thinking in the brain.

* Hypnosis – Some find that under hypnosis they can reveal situations that may be leading to anxiety attacks. Once discovered, steps can be taken to deal with the situation. Hypnotherapy can also be used to introduce techniques for combating anxious situations.

* Visualization – A therapist can take you through the process. You are able to see yourself going into those situations that cause fear and formulate ways to deal with them before they happen. This can also be thought of as cognitive behavior therapy.

* Balanced diet –Eliminating salty, sugary and fatty foods from your diet can keep your blood sugar in balance. Shifting insulin levels can cause changes in mood. Healthier choices without preservatives may be able to reduce this effect.

Are you dealing with anxiety and the fear that follows? Seek help so that you can regain your life.