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Are You A Christian Woman in Business?

So Were Many Bible Women.

Let the Business Women of the Bible Motivate, Inspire, Guide and Mentor You to Manage Your Business, Become Prosperous and Serve God With NACWIB’s Unique Bible Study eCourse on

“Business Women of the Bible”

Did You Know That Many Women of the Bible were business owners, leaders, community organizers, lawyers, politicians, and ministry leaders?

Many were ordinary women living roles just like you. They were single, married; some were a mother, grandmother, and daughter-in-law.

They had a job or a home-based business. They made mistakes, lived through great stress, and believed in God.

Now, you can learn the skills, qualities, and characteristics of these Bible Women and learn how they balanced business & life, while honoring God.

In this info-packed eCourse, you’ll find the stories of how…

  • One woman was like a President of the Nation and the first Army General
  • Quick actions let one widow become the wife of the King of Israel
  • Becoming a field worker resulted in the first rags to riches stories recorded in history
  • Jealousy caused one prominent community leader to lose her position yet remain loved by the people she served
  • Non-traditional businesses were successfully operated by women over the centuries
  • And so much more….

With each bi-weekly lesson you will…

  • Find out where their story can be found in the bible
  • Uncover who each woman was and what she accomplished
  • Discover the qualities and characteristics of each woman
  • Learn qualities and characteristics that you can imitate in your life and business today
  • Determine ways to improve your business, balance your life,&  manage your money while being in alignment with your God-given life calling

“Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” -Luke 1:45

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