Marketing Offline to Grow Business Online

Marketing your business is key to growing your busines.  You can use marketing tactics either on the web (online) or off the web (offline) to grow the business.

Business owners that work primarily online tend to stick to online marketing tactics.  However, there is a lot to be gained by implementing a few offline marketing tactics, too. Combined, they can add a powerful punch to your traffic and profits.

Here are seven offline marketing strategies to consider in order to grow your online business.

1. Networking groups – Offline there are a number of industry organizations you can benefit from. Many national industry organizations have smaller chapters across the country. Even sites like Twitter have generated local “Twitter” groups where people get together to network and socialize. Check out what your area offers in terms of organizations and associations.

2. Business associations – Anything from the small business association to your local chamber of commerce can offer networking benefits. You may find your next business partner, a new client or even a new contractor.

3. Advertising and other promos – You probably already have business cards, right? There are other promotional items you can purchase to market your business offline. For example, you could give away magnets or pens at a local business fair or conference. And you just have to love those car magnets and lettering advertising websites while in traffic.

4. Charity events
– Charity events offer you opportunities to promote your business while helping others. You can donate your time, expertise or your money. Partner with a charity that compliments your industry.

For example, if you have a parenting website perhaps you’d partner with a local Toys for Tots program or a parenting education non-profit.

5. Publicity. Connect with offline media through Press releases as a start to gain attention from your local media. Write letters to the editor or submit articles to your local paper. Contact your local radio station or television station and pitch a spot. Make sure to offer a benefit to their viewers or listeners. Remember, they want to know what’s in it for them. How will it help them gain viewers?

6. Coupons and mailers
– Direct mail has always been a staple of offline marketing tactics. It works quite well when approached strategically. Just like an online sales page, you need an attention-grabbing headline and a fantastic call to action. You don’t have to send ten-page letters either. You can send a coupon, a flyer or a postcard. Just make sure that the information on the mailer benefits the recipient.

7. Workshops and seminars – You can host a workshop or seminar in your community. For example, if you have a parenting website, you could hold a workshop on parenting teens. Offer it for free or donate the course fees to a local charity and have your event do double duty.

These ideas only touch  the surface of the many offline marketing opportunities available.  Take a look at your community and your audience.

  • How can you best reach them?
  • How can you add value and get their attention?

Create a strategy, integrate it into your online marketing strategy and watch your business grow.