Pickles and Stomach Aches

This afternoon I just got really hungry. I started to snack on a fruit and nut trail mix, knowing it had too many calories. Snacking has always been a problem; that was my worse way of gaining excess weight. It’s so easy to have a jar of peanuts or a few candy bars at your desk during the day.

It seems that those snacks would be used up with the energy it takes to do your work. But they go to the hips or stomach like anything else. Well, I was also very tired today from not having slept long enough last night. Only got about 6 hours of sleep and I was dragging. So I didn’t feel like making any food and was bored with eating plain, unadorned fruits and veggies.

Going healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself; it means paying attention to what you put in your mouth. So I decided to just eat. Somewhere in the food selection I made a really bad mistake because hours later I’m still having bad stomach aches.

I ate a Boca burger, a fake burger patty. I added mustard, pickle and ketchup then put it between two pieces of lettuce. Well, I know it wasn’t the lettuce, but I don’t know if it was the condiments or the Boca burger. Guess I should have just started wtih the burger, taken a check on the reaction, then tried one condiment at a time.

After a cleanse, its not easy to keep making the same food choice mistakes. I’m learnig a lot about my body and what makes it healthy. Until I learn some new recipes for raw and vegetarian foods, I need to be very careful about what I put in my mouth. I certainly pay the price when I don’t.