Are You Doing Business Or Just Being Busy?

Business women generate cash in their business. In fact, to stay in business generating a cash flow is necessary. Sure, it’s necessary to think positive about you and your business and charge the right prices. But the bottom line is that to operate a sustainable business you must know how to earn profit.

Who is Leading Your Work?

Being a good leader in your business is something every Christian business women should strive to do. The question a Christian business woman must ask herself however, is who is really leading my business? It is often important to just stop to be sure you are listening to the right leader in your life. Make that leader your Lord.

What Christian Business Women Need to Know about Payroll Management

If you are a Christian woman in business and have employees in your business (as opposed to independent contractors), knowing about payroll management is one of the most important parts of doing business. Here are seven things you should keep in mind about managing your payroll.

Let Fiverr Help Your Business Grow

Have you wondered what the Fiverr site is all about? Well, it is one of the very first and largest microservice sites on the internet. It is a site where people with skills offer services for only $5.