Website Tutorial #7: Three Methods to Build a Website

On the technical side, you can choose from three methods to create your own web pages:* Do it yourself (D.I.Y.) – if you are well versed in using web page tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage to create your web pages then this option is probably the best for you.



W3 Schools provides free web building courses.   You can learn everything you need to know to put up a site from scratch using HTML language and al of the other protocols needed to build a website. Here’s my two sense on this; even if you plan to let someone else build you site, or you select one of the easier, quicker web site builders to use, learn a bit of HTML language.



As with any new language, once you learn the basic you can see where It’s going. I was totally pleased with how often I can now “read” HTML language and make minor changes on my websites as a result.  With a free class, you can’t lose..


* Hire A Free Lancer, Professional or Internal IT Team – if you don’t know how to create web pages, you may want to consider hiring professional help as learning how to create your own web pages can be time-consuming. While it can incur high professional fee, this option can be your best value for money in the long run. However, this option should be filtered out if you’re on a strict budget.* Use a Site Builder instead of web Design Software and do it yourself. If you are new to the world of online businesses, building your first website can be an intimidating thought.  Of course, you know that having a website is important and can greatly increase your business.